Going the extra mile for customers drives a retention rate of 99%.

While traveling for business, a busy executive accidentally ruined the heel of an expensive dress shoe. Under normal circumstances, the loss of a single pair of shoes wouldn't be a big deal. But, far away from her own home closet, it meant that she couldn't wear the entire ensemble again. When she returned her clothes to DUFL, the concierge desk noticed the damage and immediately created a ticket to fix it. A team member ran the shoe over to a local cobbler who repaired the heel within 48 hours. In short order, the broken shoe was as good as new and back in the customer’s DUFL closet, ready for the next trip.

In today’s fast-paced world, there is nothing more valuable than time and convenience. To avoid lugging their bags through airports, DUFL customers send the company a set of their clothes to keep and ship directly to a destination whenever they’re needed. Between trips, DUFL cleans and stores the clothes for the next trip.

In addition to the typical challenges of starting a new business, DUFL also has to scale a premium customer experience in a demanding travel industry. That’s why the company started using the Salesforce Customer Platform from the beginning.


Salesforce lets us keep a complete record of each individual’s unique preferences, so we can provide a customized experience and exceptional support at every touchpoint.”

Bill Rinehart, Founder and CEO

A better way to travel

“Delivering an amazing customer experience is our mantra,” says DUFL CEO Bill Rinehart. “Salesforce lets us keep a complete record of each individual’s unique needs, so we can provide a customized experience and exceptional support at every touchpoint.”

Just as DUFL enables customers to travel more and more easily, Salesforce has enabled the company to grow without growing pains. When DUFL customers register in the DUFL app, their account information is stored in Salesforce where support teams can access it quickly in a user-friendly format.

Sales Cloud helps DUFL track interactions and nurture leads so it can win more customers and forecast sales more effectively. Service Cloud lets support agents offer fast, helpful service and take advantage of plug-ins like CTI (Computer Telegraphy Integration) and translation to keep customers happy. Service Cloud’s case feed history makes it easy for the DUFL support team to reference the same solution the next time a customer has a similar issue — they now know exactly what to do the next time a broken heel comes their way.

Not only that, the DUFL team also uses Salesforce’s Desk.com to manage internal trouble tickets and service operations. Rinehart says, “The ease of use, flexibility, and transparency of Salesforce lets us focus on our core competencies and growing our business.”

White-glove service without the luxury price tag

With the Salesforce platform supporting their sales and service teams, DUFL’s small yet mighty team can keep up with a growing user base that travels to destinations across the globe. Their lean team of 25 employees is able to sustain 10% month-on-month growth while maintaining a retention rate of over 99%.

Rinehart says, “We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an exceptional experience, a white-glove service without the luxury price tag. Not only do we expect our trips to go off without a hitch, we also expect the customer service experience to be above par. We will always go the extra mile for our customers and Salesforce makes it possible for us to give our customers the excellent care and service they deserve.”


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