Keirton supports 30% year-on-year global growth with Salesforce

Seamless service. On-time shipping. Online account management. There are many components to delivering a great customer experience. And solution engineering company Keirton wants to excel at them all.

“The customer experience is central to smart and sustainable growth,” said Jay Evans, CEO at Keirton. “For us, it’s not just about providing our customers with digital capabilities, but also empowering employees with the information they need to make intelligent autonomous decisions. Salesforce has helped us with both these aspects. As a result, we’ve leapt ahead of our competitors and are achieving 30% year-on-year growth.”

Keirton focuses on innovation and putting people first.

Founded by entrepreneur Evans in 2012, Keirton creates technology-based equipment for 80% of the world’s leading legal cannabis producers across 20 countries. As an expert in idea development and solution engineering, it builds tools and technology that maximize efficiency for its customers. As well as a strong focus on innovation, Keirton prides itself on its people-first culture, which extends from employees to customers.

Operating in a new and rapidly evolving industry, Keirton needs to be able to scale up and swiftly launch in new markets, but its number one priority is always the customer experience. “Our goal is to build a foundation of technology and knowledge that enables us to create the best possible customer experience,” confirmed Peter Dennis, COO/CFO at Keirton. “As part of this commitment, we aim to ship products within 24-hours of receiving an order.”

To fulfill its shipping promises, Keirton needs to be able to work collaboratively across teams, connecting sales, finance, logistics, service, and marketing and eliminating any siloes.

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Einstein Analytics

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Customer-facing staff live and breathe Salesforce.

Although Keirton had been using Salesforce since 2012, it decided to re-implement the solution in 2020 to deliver on its vision for seamless, customer-centric collaboration. “We originally selected Salesforce as it’s really innovative, cloud-based, and a leader in its field,” explained Evans. “It’s also flexible and easy to configure.”

After seven years, however, Keirton was keen to ensure its Salesforce solution aligned with best practices and the company’s future strategy. “Salesforce helped us find the ideal partner in Mountain Point,” said Dennis. “Mountain Point assisted us in establishing best practices and governance and re-designing our data to match the Salesforce architecture, all while keeping in mind our 10-year vision.”

The company now uses Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Pardot, Service Cloud, Customer Communities, and Einstein Analytics to support a seamless customer experience. From ideation to order entry, Keirton’s customer-facing staff live and breathe Salesforce, while integration with the company’s backend ERP system ensures everyone is working from the same reliable data.

Global sales teams stay connected.

With Sales Cloud, Keirton’s global sales team can stay connected across their four locations in North America and Europe. The solution is key to the company’s ability to meet its 24-hour shipment promise, and on the rare occasion that it can’t be fulfilled, Sales Cloud helps make sure customers are updated as quickly as possible. “I now know what’s happening in real-time, and if there’s a potential issue, I can proactively take action before the customer is impacted,” explained Dennis. Thanks to this visibility, Keirton’s average ship time was just 10 hours in January 2021.

As well as understanding timescales from order to shipment, sales teams and managers can view a full range of KPIs at a glance. “We have simple yet powerful data right at our fingertips so we can make better business decisions,” explained Dennis. “For example, we have end-to-end visibility of the sales funnel and can segment it by industry, region, product, and sales rep so we know where to focus our resources.”

By eliminating manual analysis, this has freed up two hours a day for each of Keirton’s four sales directors, who can now simply hit the refresh button to draw valuable insights.

Since adding Salesforce CPQ to its toolkit, Keirton has also increased the efficiency of quoting by 80%, while improving the accuracy of product configurations and customer-specific pricing within each quote.

With Salesforce, we’re not just surviving but thriving. We have the scalability and global reach we need to achieve our ambitions and can attract the most talented staff.”

Peter Dennis, COO/CFO, Keirton

Omnichannel marketing and service become a reality.

Customer communications are also more scalable with Pardot. Keirton’s marketing team cannot only nurture prospects more easily, but track where they came from and which products they’re interested in - and seamlessly feed all this information to sales teams. As a result, Keirton has achieved a lead conversion ratio of 62% in Q1 2021 so far – a 126% improvement over previous quarters. “We now have visibility of the revenue generation from every campaign,” explained Dennis. “We know exactly how many net new prospects, marketing-qualified leads, sales-qualified leads, and deals we’ve won as a result of each campaign.”

Keirton has integrated online, email, social, and advertising in Pardot so the team can ensure a consistent customer journey across every channel.

Dennis also aims to deliver omnichannel service, with all cases tracked and logged in Service Cloud. “Any one of us can answer a customer query or resolve their issue, regardless of how they get in touch,” he added. “We can also identify trends and opportunities for improvement.”

Centralized data speeds up decision-making and powers innovation.

In addition to empowering staff with a 360-degree customer view, Evans and Dennis are also keen to provide Keirton’s customers with better information and self-service capabilities. Their team has created an online community where customers can check their account details and place orders, which is vital to their plan to eventually deliver 24/7 service globally.

Metrics from across the business come together in dashboards powered by Einstein Analytics. For example, Keirton has a global heat map for products that helps the management team identify where and when to place ads and whether they need to enhance sales support in those regions.

Keirton’s centralized data will power AI initiatives in the future, and is already enabling a more collaborative culture. “Salesforce makes it easy to start business conversations as we’re all on the same page,” confirmed Evans. “This speeds up decisions, helping us innovate faster and retain our competitive advantage.”

The company can also grow internationally and quickly leverage new opportunities. “With Salesforce, we’re not just surviving but thriving,” concluded Dennis. “We have the scalability and global reach we need to achieve our ambitions and can attract the most talented staff, which will propel the company forward to places we haven’t even imagined yet.”

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