We sell extraordinary diamonds. And Salesforce helps us create an extraordinary customer experience as well.”


LEVIEV Extraordinary Diamonds’ business sparkles with Salesforce

When purchasing an expensive diamond, it’s not just the carat, clarity, color, and cut that’s important. It’s also the relationship you have with the seller. For LEVIEV Extraordinary Diamonds, one of the world’s largest and most exclusive diamond companies, offering a level of service on par with the quality of its unique gems is key to success. “We sell extraordinary diamonds,” explains Paul Raps, CEO. “And Salesforce Platform helps us create an extraordinary customer experience as well.”

LEVIEV’s diamonds are only sold through the company’s boutiques in New York, London, Dubai, and Singapore. And with an elite clientele, every relationship and interaction is important. “With one-of-a-kind diamonds, there’s no sale without trust in the brand. Salesforce helps us connect with our clients better and be more knowledgeable when we’re speaking to them,” says Raps. “Our relationships with customers are the most important part of our business.”

Using Salesforce Platform, LEVIEV created a customer-centric “jewel box” app that stores a photograph of every LEVIEV stone and piece of jewelry which a specific customer has previously purchased, as well as items that they are in the process of creating with the company’s designers, and a “wish list” for future purchases. The app can only be accessed by the individual client and their personal sales associate. Salesforce assists LEVIEV in the jewelry creation process as well. After a stone or collection of stones is selected, designers upload sketches to Salesforce for easy client viewing. Jewelers and sales associates work together to make sure every detail — from band thickness to width of prongs to changing side stones — is exactly what the customer wants before the item is created. Lisa Klein, Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing explains, “The entire creative process is tracked in Salesforce.”


Not only does Salesforce help us know what jewelry our customers want, it helps us plan the relationship building activities that are critical to growing our business.”


Maintaining a personal touch across the globe

With a customer base that is frequently on the road, it’s essential that the company’s global marketing efforts stay in sync. “It’s not just about birthdays or anniversaries,” says Klein. “We want to know whether clients travel to the South of France in the summer, or to Switzerland during the winter. Not only does Sales Cloud help us know what kind of jewelry they want, but it helps us plan the relationship building activities that are critical to growing our business.” The ability to showcase its inventory to jet-setting customers anywhere in the globe is also critical to the jeweler’s business. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, sales associates can access everything they need to take care of business from the road. “Our company is built on one-on-one relationships,” Klein explains. “But customers don’t always want to go to us. We need to be able to go to them.” To exhibit gemstones on-the-go, and adequately capture their color and sparkle, LEVIEV built a custom catalog — also on Salesforce Platform — that lets sales associates easily show inventory from in the company’s worldwide boutiques. They can quickly access high definition photos of tens of thousands of stones and unique jewelry designs on their iPads and or iPhones. “Being mobile is very, very important to us. It helps us make our customers’ visions a reality.”

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