Mitel makes better business decisions with Salesforce

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number and complexity of channels available for communication and collaboration. Mitel is committed to helping its customers communicate in the most seamless and efficient manner – from cloud-based business phone systems to next-generation apps.

“We help our customers communicate in the way that best suits them, but in an ever-evolving landscape, we must keep on top of their challenges and needs to stay relevant,” said Wes Durow, Chief Marketing Officer at Mitel.

To understand and connect with its customers across 100 countries, Mitel uses Salesforce. “Salesforce is our digital nervous system,” said Durow. “It helps us respond quickly, gain market insights, and establish a single, unified footprint.”

The quality and efficiency of customer engagement differentiates the business.

With 45 years’ experience and more than 70 million users, Mitel is a Trailblazer in its industry. The company has been named a leader five years in a row in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications.

To retain its leadership status, Mitel has to stay ahead of customer trends and deliver relevant and exceptional services. “In an industry characterized by entrenched behemoths and well-funded start-ups, we differentiate ourselves by the quality and efficiency of how we engage with our customers and prospects,” explained Durow.

And as it moves from a transaction-based to subscription-driven economy, Mitel has had to improve its sales, service, and marketing capabilities to keep up with changing expectations. “Whether they’re an existing customer or a prospect, people now expect an accurate and intelligent response to any query or request within a matter of minutes, and we need to deliver on that expectation,” said Durow.

Salesforce gives you the tools and resources you need to guide you through the process and be as successful as possible.”

Wes Durow, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitel

Salesforce offers the platform, tools, and resources for success.

As part of a wider digital transformation aimed at improving the customer experience, which also included revamping its website, Mitel rolled out Salesforce across the entire organization in 2016. “We chose Salesforce not just for the rich features of the platform itself, but also because it makes it easy to share information with our partners, and the flexibility of the ecosystem approach,” explained Durow.

The company is now using Sales Cloud, Social Studio, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud across all 100 countries in which it operates. “Salesforce gives you the tools and resources you need to guide you through the process and be as successful as possible,” said Durow. “We’ve also found the Salesforce community invaluable – the roadshows and networking opportunities have helped us gain unique insights into innovative ways to solve business problems.”

Mitel has also been able to enhance integration with its marketing system to get more accurate information to sales faster. “As all our marketing activities are designed to drive leads that end up in Salesforce, without the platform’s ease of integration, we would be swamped in unnecessary syncing processes that would increase complexity and the risk of inaccurate data,” added Durow.

An online partner portal and mobile capabilities keep internal and external sales teams engaged.

The sales teams also maximize their efficiency with Salesforce, with around 1,500 sales reps across Mitel using their dashboards daily to help them prioritize the most important customers and activities. As a mobile-first company, Mitel’s sales reps are big users of the Salesforce Mobile App, which helps staff stay engaged and updated while on the road.

With its channel partners playing an important role in the company’s go-to-market strategy, crucial information from Salesforce can be accessed by Mitel’s partners via an online community built on Community Cloud. “The online community helps us share information on prospects, sales, and marketing initiatives so we can build stronger relationships with both channel partners and end customers,” said Durow.

Workflows help field and central support staff stay connected.

Once a customer is onboarded, they receive responsive support from customer service and customer experience teams via Service Cloud. From there, Mitel has worked to build a workflow process which can leverage the benefits of Field Service Lightning as well as its own platform for communications and collaboration. As a result, scheduling appointments, sharing information, and keeping field and central support staff connected can all happen faster and more efficiently. With a footprint spanning more than 100 countries, this capability accelerates Mitel’s ability to serve customers or channels most effectively based on location, capability, and availability.

Salesforce users across the business are also harnessing the wisdom of the crowd by posing questions and sharing insights on Chatter, and learning more about Salesforce with Trailhead. “Trailhead is a great initiative,” said Durow. “It’s been a great resource for my team and really helpful in developing their skills and knowledge of Salesforce.”

Identifying barriers and patterns enables fact-based decisions.

With Salesforce used across its lines of business, Mitel has access to detailed insights and metrics that help it identify barriers and continuously improve its processes. These include real-time and historical KPIs such as average deal size, service performance, and which competitors the company is winning and losing against. “We’re looking at patterns in our performance and customer behavior over time, which helps us take a more intelligent approach,” said Durow.

True to its trailblazing form, Mitel is now working with the Salesforce Einstein team to leverage more predictive analytics that will help it respond even better to its customers and adjust its strategy according to their needs.

“Our industry is all about delivering the best possible customer experience as quickly as possible,” said Durow. “With Salesforce, we can keep ahead of a rapidly changing market and make fact-based decisions that accelerate our success.”

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