Thanks to Salesforce we can deliver the winning customer experience that makes me proud to run my company.”

David Ciccarelli, CEO, Voices.com

Voices.com scales without compromise with Salesforce

A friendly voice tells tourists when their plane is boarding in their native language. A child who can’t read pushes a button at a museum and learns about the moon. A building full of office workers knows the fire alarm is just a drill. Voiceovers are all around us, helping to guide us seamlessly through our everyday lives.

Canadian company Voices.com helps make these and hundreds of other voiceovers a reality by connecting 200,000 artists to 5,000 new job listings every month. As CEO David Ciccarelli explains, “I founded Voices.com to service this one niche market: connecting great talent to the latest opportunities. And with support from Salesforce, we’re doing it at scale and in more than 100 languages.”

Digital transformation supports customer-centric approach.

With a 92% customer satisfaction rating to protect, a key part of Voices.com’s strategy involves enabling self-service capabilities and automating more processes. “Our big initiative in 2020 and beyond is to become more customer-centric and unlock greater efficiencies through digitalization,” said Ciccarelli.

The first step on its digital transformation was to centralize company and customer data onto a single platform. “The beauty of Salesforce is we can have a single source of the truth while also segmenting accounts to give customers a more personalized experience based on their business size and needs,” added Ciccarelli.

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Voices.com delivers a seamless experience to a broad customer base.

Voices.com needs to service a broad customer base: from actors uploading their showreels, and talent agents pitching their clients, to companies posting listings to find the perfect voices for their projects. And with Salesforce, Voices.com can offer everyone a seamless experience.

As part of its digitalisation roadmap, Voices.com deployed Sales Cloud in 2005, Service Cloud in 2009, and Pardot in 2014, and plans to add Einstein Analytics in the future. “With Salesforce, we’ve transformed how we manage our sales pipeline, customer services, and marketing campaigns. It helps us to be a more data-driven company and to make smarter business decisions,” said Ciccarelli.

Smarter sales processes improve conversion times and deal values.

Sales Cloud provides employees with real-time visibility of the sales pipeline, including customer contacts, audio projects, and contracts, from one central dashboard. “The quote generator is invaluable as we can easily pull multiple quotes from different artists for a customer to compare without having to manually calculate three sets of costs,” said Ciccarelli.

Once a quote is approved, App Exchange app DocuSign creates a Statement of Work the customer can sign digitally to close the deal. As a result, statements of work are completed 10 hours faster than when they were first introduced. By offering multiple quote options based on different voiceover usage rights, Voices.com has also doubled the average sales value of a deal.

Our big initiative in 2020 and beyond is to become more customer-centric and unlock greater efficiencies through digitalization.”

David Ciccarelli, CEO, Voices.com

Providing a faster response to customer queries.

When customers need support, Service Cloud workflows automate web-to-case handling to ensure they get a meaningful response as fast as possible. Web forms and emails are automatically routed to the right team by using drop-down lists and keyword searches, reducing the need for manual intervention.

In 2019 the average resolution time for a case was 23.53 hours and 10,983 cases were addressed. The support team had 47,712 calls and emails with Voices.com users. 

Empowering customers and colleagues with self-serve.

Voices.com has also built a knowledge library with more than 500 articles to help customers self-serve for common issues. “Building our knowledge base on Salesforce means customers can access the latest information and rate how useful they found the article,” explained Ciccarelli.

But it’s not just customers getting better access to resources: by embedding a shortcut on the Service Cloud console, agents can quickly access the same bank of articles. The team can also proactively create articles ahead of any operational changes and set the publishing date so they’re available at go live.

Lead scoring supports greater personalization.

When a new customer registers via the Voices.com website, they’re taken on a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style onboarding journey, with automated confirmation and welcoming emails sent by Pardot. “We used to send around 14 onboarding emails, but with Pardot that’s down to five,” commented Ciccarelli.

Every new lead is scored by Pardot, which helps the sales team prioritise the strongest leads and weed out any website visitors that might not actually be a prospect. Voices.com can also track open and click-through rates for its marketing content and campaigns. For example, a recent email campaign sent to voice talent inviting them to attend a webinar had an open rate of 50.67% and a click through rate of 14.44%.

“With Pardot, we can keep communications relevant and compelling,” said Ciccarelli. “We segment leads by customer type so voice actors, corporate clients, and talent agencies all receive newsletters that are tailored especially for them.”

Dashboards shine a light on performance.

With the whole customer journey tracked in Salesforce, Voices.com can now tap into a wealth of data to make smarter business decisions. For example, it identified that 80% of revenue comes from 20% of its customers. Based on this insight, the sales team has been restructured so strategic account managers can focus exclusively on high-value customers.

As it strives to become more data-driven, Voices.com has created dashboards and reports to track performance at a departmental and individual level. “We use Salesforce Lightning dashboards at our weekly meetings to run through our numbers across sales, marketing, and support, and set goals for the next week,” said Ciccarelli. 

Making learning more fun.

The success of the Salesforce implementation has been down to high user adoption, and the company relies on its fun and supportive culture to encourage staff to fully engage with the platform.

For example, when the company rolled out the Lightning interface, it challenged each department to switch over all users in 90 days with prizes for the first, second, and third teams to do so. “We went all out with an internal campaign to help everyone get in the competitive spirit, and provided training using the enablement packs Salesforce supplied,” recalled Ciccarelli. “Everyone made a real effort and the rollout was completed smoothly and on time.”

But gamification isn’t just for special occasions, one of a number of integrations with the Salesforce platform is with an app called Hoopla, which broadcasts leader boards around the office to incentivise the sales team. “Hoopla acts like a digital sales gong – if someone closes an opportunity over a certain threshold it flashes on screen with the name of the employee and plays their theme song for 10 seconds,” added Ciccarelli.

The team also centralizes communications on Chatter to minimize internal emails and help improve transparency. For example, the company runs weekly sprints and broadcasts news on upcoming releases and fixes to the whole company, as well as having more playful boards where people can share company memes and photographs from events.

Driving greater growth with a stronger customer focus.

By setting its people up for success, Voices.com is ready to take the voiceover market by storm. And with the number of talent matches increasing by 22% over five years, it’s no wonder than signups have also increased by 76% in the same timescale.

“The customer is at the heart of our organization, and Salesforce is our lifeblood. It helps us build stronger relationships and unlock actionable insights that we can use to make smarter business decisions,” commented Ciccarelli. 

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