Our customers are on social media via their mobile devices — so we need to be there too.”


YouSee connects with customers on every channel

It’s a mobile world, and one of the industries which had to quickly adapt to the new paradigm is entertainment. Today, you will often see people watching their favorite movies and shows on smart phones or tablet devices — in bed, on the train, or even while walking down the street. In addition to being able to enjoy digital content anywhere, consumers now expect to be able to contact providers from anywhere, at any time, and get the help they need. YouSee, a leading Danish cable operator providing broadband, telephony, and TV services, is taking this journey together with its customers. The company is transforming itself for the mobile world by also offering its TV content streamed over the Internet for its customers to enjoy on PCs or on the road via mobile devices. And the company is changing the way it engages with the 500,000+ Danish households that use its entertainment services each day, tapping Salesforce to help manage sales and service activities through a variety of channels. “We want to offer the same level of service as a local merchant you know and trust,” explains Mathias Berg, Senior Vice President, Consumer. “To do that, everyone at YouSee needs to have the full overview of a customer when communicating with them via chat, email, and social media — or face-to-face in our stores.” Sales Cloud helps YouSee manage customer data as well as purchase and usage information for all of its services. And Service Cloud helps 350+ agents respond to customer inquiries — from a variety of channels — to solve cases quickly. Posts from social media are added to Salesforce records, giving agents a real-time view of customer issues and opinions. “Our customers are on social media — via their mobile devices — so we need to be there too,” says Anders Blauenfeldt, Senior Vice President, Innovation & IT. Salesforce also helps transform YouSee’s face-to-face business. The company has developed a custom point-of-sale interface, built on Salesforce Platform, for in-store employees. The app taps into Salesforce records to help staff provide the best information and to recommend cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

We want to offer the same level of service as a local merchant you know and trust.”


A social viewing experience

More than just helping YouSee improve its sales and service, social is also transforming the viewing experience of the future. In time, viewers will be able to contact support instantly — without navigating away from programming — as well as find out what friends are watching, interact with people watching the same programs, share recommendations, and more. Blauenfeldt explains: “We expect to be able to integrate support messages when people are watching TV on their device to offer a fully digital customer experience.”


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