what is the best crm for mac

Upsetting the Apple Cart? Discover the Best CRM for Mac Users

As it is with any business, your customers are the source of your success. But beyond simply purchasing your products and services, your customers actually impact your company in a variety of ways, some you may not have considered; your customers supply you with valuable feedback, provide you with free marketing via word-of-mouth, and basically set the direction and tone for your entire organization. And, yes, the money they spend is what keeps your business in business. As such, investing in an effective customer relationship management (CRM) solution is something that every business, large and small, should thoroughly consider.

Apples and Business

Macintosh (AKA Apple) devices are very popular computer options that have been widely embraced by individuals all over the world. Setting a standard against which many other devices are measured — particularly in regard to mobile smart devices such as the iPhone and iPad — Apple has actually witnessed a surge in computer sales, while other leading computer manufacturers are watching their sales decline. And while conventional PCs have long outnumbered Macs in the workplace, recent studies show that the tide is turning. But despite these trends, many CRM providers are failing to optimize their tools for use on Apple devices and computers, which is unfortunate.
Apple devices have steadily gained the recognition as possessing an intuitive, user-friendly interface, particularly for those who may not have an in-depth knowledge of computer science. Likewise, the Apple operating system is generally considered to be more stable and streamlined than Windows or Linux operating systems. That said, there are certain vendors who offer CRM solutions optimized for Apple devices.

Finding the Best CRM for Mac

As important as your customers are, you also want to ensure that your CRM system is working at top strength. Finding a CRM option that is not only compatible with your prefered platform and operating system, but that is actually optimized for it, is therefore a high priority. And, this is especially true when your business uses Macs. Understanding what is the best crm software for mac users can be difficult, if only because many CRMs will function very similarly across most platforms. That said, when it comes to CRM for your business, there’s a big difference between acceptable performance, and superior performance. Here are some key features to look for when considering a Mac-compatible CRM for your business:

  • A Focus on Mobility 
    Although Macintosh computers have been around for over three decades, the reality is that Apple didn’t become the industry supergiant it is today until it began to focus its efforts on portable devices. iPhone and iPad paved the way for a complete change up in business connectivity — one that continues to dictate how employees work. 74% of businesses are either planning or already allowing their employees to bring their own devices to work, and many employees are already relying on mobile digital communication to perform their jobs. A CRM that is optimized for use with mobile devices, rather than one that is designed only for full functionality and usability on desktop computers, will be more likely to function at top efficiency with the mobile-focused Mac operating system.

  • Compatibility Everywhere with a Cloud-Based Design
    Going hand-in-hand with the issue of mobility, CRM tools that operate entirely out of the cloud avoid many compatibility issues that other CRMs fall prey to. This is because cloud-based CRM operates entirely remotely, accessed via the internet, and free from any locally-stored files, software, or hardware. This means that no matter what platform you may be using, you’ll get exactly the same experience.

  • Flexibility with Third-Party Customization
    No matter how flexible your CRM tool, there will always be limitations to what it can do for your business. That’s the bad news; the good news is that those limitations can be surpassed through the use of custom-designed third-party apps. These apps can be designed to fill in the gaps in your CRM solution, potentially solving CRM performance issues related to Mac compatibility. The best CRM programs for Mac computers are those that allow users to build-upon the standard, out-of-the-box system.

  • Easy Scalability to Grow Your Business
    Given their usability and diverse capabilities, Macs are often favored by new startup businesses. That said, the goal of most new startups is to grow, and unless the CRM tool they’re using can grow along with them, then it won’t be of much use down the line. When finding the best CRM for small business, mac users need to consider how scalable their CRM solution really is.

Salesforce CRM for Mac

Salesforce CRM hits all of these points. With its cloud-based, mobile-first design, it is specifically created for full functionality, no matter where it’s being accessed from, or what platform it is being used on. As long as an authorized user has access to an internet-enabled device, they’ll get to enjoy the unrestricted features of the industry’s leading CRM. Salesforce CRM is also scalable to fit any business size, from small to enterprise, and even has a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so that you’ll only be charged for the features you use. Additionally, Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading business app market, where Salesforce clients can create, upload, and share custom-designed apps, many of which are created with Mac-users specifically in mind. The AppExchange features millions of custom apps, and includes helpful user reviews.

CRM and Mac

Apple devices are quickly becoming the prefered computer platform for businesses of all sizes, so it doesn’t make much sense to rely on CRM options that fail in the Mac-compatibility department. Choosing a CRM solution that offers unrestricted functionality on Mac devices — stationary or mobile — may make a significant difference to your Mac-using business. Salesforce CRM technology lends itself naturally to mac users, and thanks to cloud technology, should your organization ever choose to make the switch to one of the other operating systems, then your CRM experience will remain unchanged. Your customers are worth the best CRM, and the best CRM is the one that best fits your needs, no matter what those needs may be.