Direct to Consumer by Industry

Reach customers anywhere. Sell online with Salesforce.

Reach customers anywhere. Sell online with Salesforce.

Drive revenue with your online channel. Start selling direct with solutions built specifically for your industry.

Get a straight line to customer insights, buying behaviors, and sales opportunities.

Whether you sell cars or candy bars, subscriptions or policies, Salesforce can help you grow faster. Strengthen relationships by selling online direct to consumers. Keep shoppers satisfied with seamless order management. Navigate new revenue channels with confidence.

Sell Direct to Consumer

Empower your teams, partners, and consumers with easy-to-use B2C commerce.


Create a seamless brand experience.

Bring your brand vision to life on the channels your customers prefer. Innovate fast to reach new markets and new customers online. Take your B2B business D2C, or optimize your existing B2C channels to increase sales. Boost loyalty when you make buying easy.

Strengthen relationships.

Use first-party data to help consumers find what they need faster. Get insights to personalize your customer experience. Boost existing channels by increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

Start seeing value sooner.

Digitize sales to increase productivity and free up time for your reps to focus on what matters most: your customers. Attract new customers and build long-lasting loyalty with a better customer experience.

Go direct to consumer in any industry

Learn how to grow sales and give customers what they want with a D2C channel tailored to your business.


Connect to your consumers — from your warehouse to their house.

Unlock new revenue channels with digital purchasing, simple reorder, and product recommendations. Launch faster with ready-to-use commerce that connects every step of your consumer's journey — from easy buying to intuitive order management and quick access to brand experts or how-tos. Lower your cost to serve with self-service, live chat, and knowledge base.

Give your shoppers a smooth ride from online ordering to the open road.

Quickly digitize the automotive buying experience. Shorten the time it takes customers to make decisions and connect your in-store and online experience — from guided selling to buy-on-behalf-of, and personalized recommendations to customization. Grow revenue and drive loyalty with an industry-leading ecommerce solution.

Let shoppers fill their carts with clicks, and their cars with curbside pickup.

Strengthen your relationships with shoppers by offering digital ordering and convenient pickup options. Move inventory quickly by building food bundles and helping shoppers find food essentials. Give your teams one easy, intuitive app to fill orders accurately and quickly. Discover what your shoppers want and reward them for their loyalty.

Simplify subscriptions for your subscribers.

Increase subscriber growth with personalized digital experiences from discovery to post-purchase. Retain subscribers by offering custom self-service for plans, products, and bundles — built for customers at home, work, or on-the-go. Drive revenue by making every interaction personal with targeted promotions, discounts, and subscription plans.

Ensure growth with direct insights into your customers' wants and needs.

Let customers shop for and buy insurance policies directly online. Get a single view of your customers to personalize their shopping experience, and help them find the policies and products they need. Easily integrate your storefront, and extend insights to customer support and marketing teams. Grow revenue fast with out-of-the-box functionality to drive traffic, convert customers, personalize with AI, and improve your customer experience.

Connect customers to self-care on new digital channels.

Reach patients in new markets while lowering your cost to serve. Deliver educational content that helps improve wellness and health outcomes, and leads new customers to buy online from your brand. Use relevant commerce insights to retain customers and build loyalty through personalized customer journeys.

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