Commerce Cloud Digital

From discovery to delivery, Commerce Cloud Digital creates better experiences and transactions across web, mobile, social, and other digital channels.


Transform the digital experience.


Digital Commerce Capabilities

Convert more shoppers by anticipating their needs and making relevant content available anywhere on the site. Create offers tailored by location, edit product bundles on the fly, and syndicate promotions across storefronts with our robust out-of-the-box tools.

Marketing and Merchandising

Easily manage and share product content, launch campaigns, refresh seasonal promotions, and run A/B tests — all without technical support. Maximize conversions and increase order value by connecting consumers with the right offer at the right time using Active Merchandising®, Predictive Recommendations, and visual merchandising.

Easily manage your online commerce.

Distributed Commerce

Power digital commerce anywhere your customers shop — from mobile devices to social channels to brick-and-mortar shops — with our suite of clienteling tools. Add your own customizations using our open APIs for a more personalized digital shopping experience.

Multisite Management and Localization

Launching new brands or geographic sites has never been faster. Manage all your sites from a single environment with a multisite architecture that leverages the same code, processes, and master catalog.

The Endless Aisle

Improve the in-store experience for all your customers. Boost sales by giving associates on the floor mobile devices with instant access to inventory, whether it's in-store, at other locations, or even at your warehouses.

Predictive Recommendations

Grow revenues by using predictive intelligence to make product recommendations for both known and anonymous shoppers. Prompt additional purchases by personalizing the shopping experience with relevant products on your site or emails.

Order Management

Deliver the shopping experience today's consumers expect with distributed order management capabilities. Process orders and optimize inventory using a shared view of orders, customers, inventory, products, and promotions across physical and digital channels.

Development Environment

Innovate and deliver differentiated experiences that continually delight your customers. Leverage industry-standard JavaScript-based tools in a development environment that allows for full control and customization of the storefront.


If we know a shopper loves a bold look, we can showcase that ... and the shopper says, ‘Great, this is a brand that understands me and what I’m looking for.’”


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