Energy & Utilities Cloud


Connect utility customer service and engagement on a single, flexible platform.

Prepare for the new energy transition with centralized customer data, agility, and personalized, responsive service from anywhere.


Go digital with secure energy solutions that adapt and scale for the future of energy.

  • Get a process library with more than 100 preconfigured and extendable best practices
  • Quickly connect to back office utility CIS and billing systems with out-of-the-box integrations
  • Employ a data model with more than 300 extended objects specific to the utility industry

Leverage purpose-built innovations - designed for an evolving energy industry.

Meet the needs of suppliers, customers, communities, and employees with an agile platform that enables rapid innovation across your entire business.

Transform agents into advisors to deliver reimagined customer engagements.

Empower agents with digital tools, customer analytics, and predictive insights to deliver personalized customer service anytime and anywhere.

Deliver digital-first personalized customer service on one platform.

Support your customer base, from residential to large commercial and industrial customers, with a single, comprehensive solution that includes guided journeys and self-service.

Turn customer choice into a competitive advantage.

Offer rates and quotes faster by rapidly processing market pricing and customer information with data-driven tools and a 360-view of the customer.

Boost acquisition and reduce churn.

Quickly generate complex multi-site and multi-product quotes to acquire customers faster and keep them longer with new personalized offerings.

"25 million customers have evolved in their expectations. Salesforce is helping us globally to address these demands by a faster and real time understanding of their expectations."

Yves Le Gélard, Executive Vice President, Digital and Information System



Deliver results and drive utility customer value with the world’s #1 CRM.


Increase in order speed and accuracy

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Reduction in integration costs

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Increase in new product introduction speed

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Increase in NPS

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