MuleSoft Automation Pricing

Combine the power of MuleSoft RPA, MuleSoft Composer, and Anypoint Platform to help teams automate.

MuleSoft Pricing FAQ

An automation credit is a prepaid consumption unit used for RPA Bot Minutes, RPA API Calls, or Composer Tasks. Learn more about metric definitions.

For RPA, the number of automation credits needed depends on the number of processes you want to automate, how often you want to run the processes, and the average manual processing time. Typically it takes less time for RPA bots to run processes than humans, especially for systems with API connectivity.

For Composer, the number of credits needed will depend on how many records you are updating and how often you want to update them.

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Additional automation credits and Composer connectors can be purchased at any time during a subscription term.
With the MuleSoft Automation package, you are not locked into any individual product. You can use the prepaid Automation Credits on the tools you need the most—RPA, Composer, or both.

You may choose one of the MuleSoft Automation Base Editions (Gold, Platinum, or Titanium) based on your required level of support. If you are an existing MuleSoft customer, the MuleSoft Automation Base Edition must carry the same support level you have today.

You may also consider MuleSoft Automation Quickstart service offering, designed to be a mix of advisory and implementation support to help you identify the right automation strategy and achieve quick go-lives.


* This edition requires an annual contract.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.

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