Inspire channel partners to make you their first choice.

Loyalty Management helps you to better engage your partner and distributor channels with customized incentive programs that reward them for success — and drive your bottom line.


Invest in your relationships and you’ll build partnerships that last.


Configure programs with unique and targeted benefits.

Create tiered loyalty rewards and benefits that go beyond a discount, like access to exclusive events or co-marketing funds that create value for both your business and your channel partners. Automatically trigger these benefits based on member activity or based on tier status and track the reward accruals and redemptions.

Deliver ROI with an integrated solution.

Purpose-built to work with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud or integrate with your existing CRM, Loyalty Management is a flexible end-to end solution. With full visibility into your partner relationships, you can identify and incentivize your most valuable channel partners with engaging rewards.

“Most loyalty programs end at marketing. Salesforce Loyalty Management combines the Salesforce Platform with prebuilt analytics, low-code flexibility, and core features like program management to rapidly deliver and adapt loyalty programs spanning sales, marketing, and service.”



Boost engagement and capture mindshare.

By offering rewards that engage channel partners such as additional training or attending a webinar, you can develop stronger relationships and stay top of mind. With a connected loyalty experience, you’ll support partners in meeting business goals and keep them motivated to continue the relationship.

Use program insights to spur business growth.

Track the health and performance of your loyalty program to get a holistic view of members. Identify your most valuable partners and better focus your engagement efforts around what they prefer and what motivates them. Drive partner success by uncovering the best incentives for improving their performance and your bottom line.