Build customer loyalty through engaging experiences.

Loyalty Management gives you a holistic view of your customers, empowering you to deliver personalized experiences that weave loyalty into the entire customer experience.


Show customers that your loyalty program is all about them.


Power integrated experiences with a loyalty ecosystem.

Put customer loyalty at the center of your business. Out-of-the-box integration with Customer 360 Audiences empowers you to create targeted segments, while Marketing Cloud enables you to activate time-based promotions aimed at the right customers in the right channels.

Increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

Gain insight on member behaviors to develop an accurate understanding of their preferences and move quickly to make improvements to the customer experience. Ensure you drive ROI for your business while earning lifelong loyalty from your members by tracking the health and performance of your loyalty program.

“Customers seek a loyalty management product that represents the next generation of loyalty and gives companies the freedom to create, evolve, and measure a loyalty program that is capable of providing personalized and engaging offerings that grow lifetime value.”



Deliver personalization for members at scale.

Deliver more dynamic and personal loyalty experiences for customers by removing silos and connecting member data across multiple systems. Create a consistent customer reward program experience — rewarding them for their engagement and their loyalty across every interaction and touch point they have with your business.

Configure programs with a flexible end-to-end platform.

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging the underlying infrastructure of the world’s number one CRM. You can easily design unique, intelligent, and engaging customer experiences across any industry. As customer demands evolve, you’ll have the flexibility to make sure your program evolves, too.