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National Instruments solves duplicate data challenge with a simple search app.


OneSearch App

By solving its data problem with a deceptively simple search app, National Instruments improved customer service and sales rep productivity.

FROM IDEA TO APP: 4 months

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OneSearch app assists with customer data deduplication to simplify and expedite data migration.


The Business Challenge

Despite National Instruments being a leader in science and engineering, its sales department was stuck in the past. The team managed customer accounts on legacy systems that did not scale across product lines, geographies, or departments. As a result, the team stored customer data in multiple applications, leading to poor customer service and incorrectly calculated sales commissions. The team desperately needed a single view of their customers.

The App Solution

In under four months, two developers built the OneSearch app on the Lightning Platform. The app runs searches on five different systems, parses the results, and then shows them to users in ranked order. Thanks to OneSearch, sales representatives can now search, import, and consolidate customer accounts from local and external systems, relieving IT of that burden and yielding a 300% reduction in time required to create accounts and contacts.

OneSearch leverages our master data management solution and allows users to ‘fuzzy search’ and import customer and account data from external systems.”

Richard Garen, Senior IT Applications Manager

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