NEB delivers inventory faster so scientists can innovate faster.


NEBnow App

The IoT app tracks freezer inventory in real time, automates delivery of research product, and ensures NEB's products are fresh, secure, and available to scientists in just a few clicks.


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New England Biolabs offers its customers a higher degree of convenience and support with an IoT app.


The Business Challenge

Offering the largest selection of enzymes for genomic research, New England Biolabs (NEB) wants to ensure that the right products are available to researchers when and where they need them. NEB keeps stocked freezers in labs around the world, which allow scientists to access products more easily. However, NEB was still in the dark about how customers were using products. After an inspired encounter with a hotel minibar during a trip to Dreamforce, the team realized the perfect solution: an interactive, connected freezer that provided continuous data to NEB.

The App Solution

With the Lightning Platform, NEB built its IoT app in under 30 days. The app resides on a tablet on each freezer, allowing scientists to authenticate themselves and view or purchase products. Every step is automated through Salesforce, allowing NEB to monitor products purchased, send automated confirmation emails, and track buying trends. The company can also capture freezer temperature and lock status to protect product quality. Connecting the Salesforce app to NEB's back-end systems ensures scientists always have the products they need.

We built directly in Heroku and leveraged our Salesforce objects in real time. That made our development approach much, much quicker, cheaper, and easier.”


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