OneUnited delivers credit decisions fast, with an app built on the Lightning Platform.


UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card App

Customers whose credit took a hit during the recession now have a straightforward way to apply for a OneUnited secured credit card.


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OneUnited automates the credit card application and approval process with Salesforce.


The Business Challenge

As a premier banking institution for low-to-moderate income communities, OneUnited saw a need for a secured credit card product among its customers whose credit ratings had suffered during the recession that began in 2008. The solution needed to be scalable, trusted, secure, and easy for a small team to build and maintain. Partners quoted six months for the build, but OneUnited knew it needed a faster solution if it wanted to be first to market.

The App Solution

OneUnited's small team turned to the Lightning Platform and built and launched the UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card app in just three months — half the time of the competitor quotes. The app features dynamic forms, lead tracking, and tight integration with back-end credit systems. The app was such a success and so painless to build that OneUnited's IT team immediately began working to transfer all of the company's legacy systems onto the Lightning Platform.

We started to build more and more data about our customers into Salesforce so we could have that single pane of glass, that 360-degree view everybody is looking for. And it has transformed our business.”


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