Adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing Power & Utilities industry


Here’s how we charge power and utilities innovation.


Elevate utility customer experience.

Give utility customers personalized service and the digital apps they love.

Energize your workforce.

Empower the workforce of the future with insight, automation, and intuitive tools.

Engage diverse partner ecosystems.

Rally new infrastructure, product, and service delivery partners around your customers.

Modernize the regulated utility customer experience.

Prepare for the new future of energy with digitalization that puts customers first.

  • Turn agents into advisors with digital tools that offer a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Engage customers across self-service, AI, and mobile channels for personalized service
  • Go beyond the contact center with next-generation field operations and customer experience

Meet customer needs faster in Retail Energy.

Create a more cohesive experience for customers by bringing systems on a single platform.

  • Use data-driven tools to deliver quotes and rates faster and navigate multi-site and multi-account structures
  • Evolve product and service offerings to increase customer acquisition and retention
  • Elevate customer engagements with personalized and streamlined field service

Become a leader in sustainability.

Get ahead of the curve with innovations that align your business with energy transition trends.

  • Help customers reach their energy goals with energy program adoption (efficiency, EV, solar)
  • Drive new revenue by educating and partnering with customers to adopt sustainable energy solutions
  • Stay relevant and increase trust by informing customers about usage and non-commodity energy offerings

We’re committed to stepping up to this challenge. It’s for the greater good of our customers, but also for mankind. It’s the first time in the history of mankind that nobody can say, ‘It's not my problem.’

Yves Le Gélard

EVP, Digital & Information Systems, ENGIE

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