Give audiences what they want, when and where they want it.


Turn the page on old media models.


Get game-changing tools for changing times.

Tap into social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies to connect with customers. Salesforce helps marketing managers, sales reps, and service agents build relationships with consumers by engaging them wherever they are, on whatever device.

Deliver more than just content.

Create stronger relationships with customers. Learn what they like, and deliver relevant, engaging, socially connected content, no matter where they are.


Build a connected culture.

Build stronger customer connections with mobile apps and tools to manage subscriptions, browse content, update profiles, and more. Plus, Salesforce makes it easy for internal teams to work together, track progress, and give feedback from anywhere.




From a service or subscription point of view, managing our customers on a single platform is critical to survival.”

Christina Scott | CIO, Financial Times


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CRM For Media from Salesforce.

Broadcast and print media companies are using Salesforce media CRM to receive better data regarding their markets and customers. Optimize the consumer experience to provide a one-to-one personalized brand journey at every touch point with CRM For Media from Salesforce.

Media CRM gives you tools to collect, clean, organize, and view consumer data, so you can learn their preferences and deliver relevant content, wherever they are. You can also create communities for customers and reward them for engaging, so they become powerful brand advocates.

CRM for Media also gives you comprehensive analytics that help you predict at-risk customers, so you can proactively engage with them, and identify potential opportunities. You will also get a single view of subscriptions, consumption, billing, and service, allowing you to offer the optimal consumer experience.