Salesforce for Professional Services

Harness your data—and put people first.

Earn client trust with a single connected platform.

Deliver digital tools and people-focused experiences for your employees and your clients with Customer 360 for Professional Services.


Accounting, Tax, & Audit

Harness real-time unified customer data to deliver more insight for your business and build deeper client relationships. Digitize your business by integrating your current systems with modern tools. Use AI and automation to accelerate collaboration and boost team productivity.


Mobilize teams quickly so consultants spend less down time between projects. Accelerate value for clients by getting teams up and running faster. Collaborate in real-time across practice groups, clients, and firms, increasing productivity and unifying the client experience.

Staffing & Recruiting

Meet talent expectations with personalized experiences that put the right people where they’re needed—at just the right time. Automate tasks so recruiters can spend more time on what matters: finding talent, filling roles, and driving value. Streamline recruiting, place talent faster, and wow your clients to drive efficient growth.

Rally every employee around a single view of every client on one trusted platform.


Customer 360

Deliver automation, AI, and real-time data across every team to accelerate insight and build deeper client-relationships.

See how IBM’s collaborative communities build a more vibrant work culture.


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Customer Story

Read how PwC is leading the way in digitally enabled Professional Services.