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Salesforce’s HR Team Helps Employees And Customers Grow

Salesforce’s HR Team Helps Employees And Customers Grow

At Salesforce, the aim of Employee Success is to speak with customer executives & partners. See how ES drives innovation, culture & success.

While many companies keep their Human Resource departments in the back office, at Salesforce our HR team (we refer to the organization as “Employee Success” because of its importance) is often tapped to speak directly with customer executives and partners. Our Employee Success (ES) team tells them how Salesforce drives innovation, culture, and customer success through our employee engagement strategy.

Someone in ES might have the job title of “Recruiter” or “Talent Development Manager”, but because of the demand for this engagement story, they get to extend their role to work with our customers and account teams.

Rovina D’Souza, People Strategy & Analytics Manager at Salesforce

“I got to meet with about 10 customers last year,” says Rovina D’Souza, People Strategy & Analytics Manager at Salesforce. “I speak with customers about how we use Salesforce internally to engage our employees throughout the employee life cycle.”

She meets with them in the London Salesforce Innovation Centre (SIC) — an immersive environment where customers join us to envision their future and learn about how Salesforce can help them drive their digital transformation. In total, our Employee Success team spoke with more than 700 customers around the world last year.

“I’m a data geek, and I give customers a behind-the-scenes look at our vast underlying data and Salesforce tools that drive the employee experience,” says Rovina. In other words, she shows how Salesforce uses Salesforce to be successful. Rovina is a People Analytics Consulting Team leader for Salesforce’s international market. Her team uses data analytics to find and solve business problems for stakeholders within ES, and also in Sales, Customer Success, Real Estate, and even the Board of Directors.

Employee Success, Sales, Customer Success, Real Estate and Board of Directors

“What I love about my job is that there isn’t a clear day-to-day; work is project-based and extremely varied,” she says. “I could be analyzing factors behind employee attrition, reviewing sales metrics to research sales success factors, building financial models around long-term real estate strategy or building KPI dashboards in Tableau or Einstein Analytics.”

In 2017, Rovina moved to London after spending a decade studying and working in the United States. While in the US, she worked in financial valuation & strategy consulting, but wanted to move into the tech industry in an internal consulting capacity.

“Salesforce is exactly what I was looking for. But, I actually missed being externally facing and wanted to balance out my internal data projects with some level of client interaction & selling. So, I raised my hand and became a certified Employee Success speaker.”

And, the experience has taught her a lot about the company, while helping her develop new skills and grow her network.

“Participating as a SIC speaker has helped me get a better understanding of our products and how our sales teams operate. It has helped me think on my feet and exposed me to senior leadership who attend the SICs. I really do enjoy speaking and would love to present at conferences in the future, so this is great practice.”

Interested in learning more about Salesforce’s Employee Success Team? Take a look at our ES Team page.

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