When you walk the halls of Salesforce, you instantly feel something special. That something is Ohana. When our founders started Salesforce, they were as intentional about the company culture they wanted to create as they were about the products they wanted to build and how they would go to market. They wanted to create a different kind of company. One centered around the Hawaiian concept of Ohana, which means family. And our Ohana includes not just our employees, but our customers, partners and communities. Today, Ohana is at the center of everything we do at Salesforce.

So what does Ohana look like in practice?


We bring our Ohana spirit to life inside and outside our company by living our values of Trust, Growth, Innovation, Equality, Customer Success, Transparency, Giving Back, Wellbeing, and Fun.

These are the values that unite us, inspire us and make us uniquely Salesforce.

Nothing is more important than the security and success of every member of our Ohana. We are trusted advisors to our customers and are serious about engaging intelligently with technology to keep their data secure. We build trust with our employees by motivating and aligning our people with opportunities for growth and success.

We are the fastest-growing top 10 enterprise software company. We are empowered to expand our solutions, grow our employee base, increase our impact, and create enormous stakeholder value for everyone in our Ohana. We work every day to drive our customers’ success so that we can continue growing together.

Our passionate spirit of innovation binds us together and enables us to achieve extraordinary things. We encourage each other to challenge the status quo, push outside of our comfort zones, and pursue initiatives that have the potential to advance the way we do business. We work as a team to reach the future faster.

We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation and creativity. Our goal is to ensure that Salesforce is a place where all people can do their very best work individually and collectively. We are a better company, a better culture, a better city, a better country, and a better world when we embrace Equality for All.

Customer centric. Customer focused. Customer obsessed. At Salesforce, we take great pride in helping our internal and external customers achieve great things, and they inspire us to constantly improve. Customers are the reason behind everything we do … because at the end of the day, their success is our success.

We always communicate openly and honestly. We are empowered to voice ideas and opinions in order to drive change. Transparency comes alive on Chatter, executive meetings livestreamed to all, and through our V2MOMs, which keep us aligned and accountable for delivering on the vision we set out for ourselves.

Giving back is at the heart of Salesforce. It fuels our mission to support Salesforce.org in empowering nonprofit and education organizations through technology, community engagement, and strategic grants. This initiative allows our employees to be changemakers in their own communities.

In order to move fast and achieve success for our customers and our company, we must first take care of ourselves and each other. We empower our employees to focus on their families, friends, passions, and Wellbeing. When our people are healthy and happy, they do their very best work.

We have the privilege of collaborating every day with talented, passionate teammates, and we genuinely enjoy each other's company. So when we achieve our goals, we celebrate! We take our work seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. And no matter where our path takes us, we always try to enjoy the ride.