Innovation is a core value.

Thinking differently is in our DNA. Salesforce Customer 360 helps companies connect to customers in whole new ways, and our technology empowers Trailblazers to innovate like never before. We challenge the status quo, work outside of our comfort zones, and fearlessly pursue initiatives that have the potential to influence the way the world does business.

Innovation isn’t just about our products and our business model — it’s about the mindset of every single person in our Ohana. Everyone is empowered and encouraged to think about new and better ways to do anything and everything. I see it every day in different ways, from big transformational things like the launch of Ask Astro to novel ways of driving pipe generation.”


Cherie, Sales

Paris, Ohana member since 2013


Every time I am presented with a new challenge, I’m empowered to find new ideas and solutions and implement them. I’m grateful to work in an environment that allows employees to try new things.”

Tomoko, Marketing



Salesforce is constantly looking for ways to innovate beyond our products — both internally and externally. One example is having a chief equality officer. I consider that a remarkable innovation.”

Amir, Sales

Amsterdam, OHANA MEMBER SINCE 2017


Most companies aren’t able to navigate through the human side of innovation, but Salesforce consistently has. I think this is because we understand that innovation involves taking pragmatic risks, and because we foster a culture where thinking differently is encouraged and it is safe to do so.”

Hank, M&A Alliances



Salesforce constantly develops new solutions that push our customers to innovate. We are solving the problems of today and tomorrow.”

Stephen, Sales



We are always empowered to take initiative and collaborate on innovative projects.”

Nouria, Real Estate + Workplace Services

Paris, Ohana member since 2015


We innovate for our customers every day because each one of us is empowered, accountable, and has a sense of purpose.”

Sriram, Tech + Products

Hyderabad, Ohana member since 2013


There is always something new to learn. Salesforce’s launch of Trailhead enables the world to learn and engage in the most innovative technology, and it enables equality, which is essential for making the world a better place for all.”


Rochelle, Office of Equality

Indianapolis, Ohana member since 2013


How Salesforce still innovates like a startup after 18 years.


When we started Salesforce in 1999 in an apartment in San Francisco, our goal was to transform an industry. Over the last 18 years, we've been successful by keeping innovation at the center of everything we do. Thanks to this focus, Salesforce has democratized enterprise technology — making the cloud, mobile, social, IoT, and now artificial intelligence available to all companies, regardless of their size. By consistently delivering powerful, innovative technology tools to all of our customers, we've empowered them to work smarter, make decisions faster, and connect with their customers in entirely new ways.”