High-growth SMBs are out-executing...competitors.​”

Joe Galvin
Business Analyst, Independent

Join Quotable on a fascinating look back at sales through the centuries. You’ll learn about historic events and how they impacted the sales landscape, plus the ...


In today’s world, we have literally seconds to get people’s attention, which is why the first few words that come out of our mouths on a call, or the subject an...

John Barrows — Owner, j.barrows LLC

Of all sales skills, from prospecting, to qualifying, building relationships, negotiating, and closing, the pitch is perhaps the most unique and critical.

Annie Simms — Vice President, Financial Services, Salesforce

Refine Search
Refine Search

Brittany Knowles knew one thing going into college: She would pursue marketing no matter what. A sales job? Not even on the radar. But an introduction to sellin...

Heather Miller — Writer and Editor

Vistage Research, in partnership with Salesforce, surveyed and analyzed responses from 1,377 small and mid-sized business CEOs in August of 2017. Discover what ...

Joe Galvin — Business Analyst, Independent

Back in the early days of (CRM) systems, I was a skeptic. Why would I need a technology solution to help me with what I already do best in sales?

Steven Settelmayer — Executive Vice President, FieldLogix

When you ask for referrals from your clients, customers, and networks, future sales success can be — quite literally — one phone call or meeting away.

Joanne Black — Founder of No More Cold Calling, Speaker, and Author

We are now almost three months into the selling year. Sales kickoffs are over. Spring training has wrapped up and it’s time to make this year your best yet.

Ryan Warner — Account Executive, Yext

As sales leaders, our jobs are pretty straightforward: Support our team to close deals, build the pipeline, and make (or better yet, beat) the numbers.

Shannon McGovern — AVP, Sales, Salesforce

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