Modern selling professionals have every tool at their disposal.​”

Richard Lind
RVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

Only on Quotable, the legendary author, podcaster, and lifehacker shares his productivity tips for starting the day, managing email, and avoiding distractions.


Leaving your best sales voicemail is critical for sales prospecting. Read why, if you're not doing it, you should be, and how you can get more callbacks.

John Barrows — Owner, J. Barrows LLC

Learn why design thinking is a highly effective selling technique by shifting focus from pushing products or solutions to creating value for the customer.

Brianna Layton — Account Executive, Salesforce

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Technological advancements have dramatically evolved meteorology over the past 20 years, forever changing the process. The same can be said for those in sales.

Richard Lind — RVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

Frontline sales managers hire reps, organize and allocate sales efforts, and in most firms, are the core means by which sales strategy is (or is not) accomplish...

Frank Cespedes — Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Author of Aligning Strategy and Sales

The problem today is that there are so many solutions with overlapping footprints and value propositions it’s hard to differentiate them.

David Priemer — VP of Sales, Influitive

The failure to understand the economics on both sides of the indirect selling equation has undermined the growth of many otherwise successful companies

Kevin Gilroy — Executive Vice President & GM, Samsung Business

Established research has concluded that to achieve desired sales results, sales leaders must manage and motivate the activities that precede them.

Bob Marsh — Founder and CEO of LevelEleven

Big changes can present big challenges, and also big opportunities. This is often the case when you need to train your salespeople on new products.

Colin Nanka — Senior Director, Enablement for Commercial Sales @ Salesforce

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