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“Inside sales should already be a big part of your go-to-market model and should only get bigger over time.””

Ben Vonwiller | Partner, McKinsey & Company

In an era where customers are more empowered by information and more sensitive to risk, discover the three key phases of effective negotiation for sellers.

Andrea Grodnitzky — Chief Marketing Officer, Richardson

Territories are the foundation that fuels success for any sales organization. Discover Salesforce's 3-step approach for sales territory management and planning.

Sanika Goleria — Senior Director Business Planning, Salesforce

Business needs and the process of purchasing solutions are more complex than ever. Learn the three sales skills critical to winning complex sales opportunities.

Andrea Grodnitzky — Chief Marketing Officer, Richardson

Discover the five sales myths that most often stymie the progress of today's businesses. Learn to to dispel preconceived notions and unlock new opportunities.

Kendra Lee — President, KLA Group

Discover how augmenting CRM data with ERP data helps sales teams to unlock propensity to buy behaviors, focus on high value activities, and help sales leaders b...

Christine Ooley and John Withers — Product Marketing Manager, Mulesoft | Product Marketing Manager, Mulesoft

Proposals are a great way to differentiate from your competitors and prove your value. Discover how more putting focus on three key areas of the proposal will l...

Bill Wilson — Co-Founder and CEO, SalesRight

Overcome the top challenges affecting sales enablement leaders today.

Mike Schultz — Director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research and President of RAIN Group

There's no magic formula to avoid terrible bosses; they're part of almost everyone's career. However, the silver lining is that bad bosses can offer unintention...

Michael O'Brien — Chief Shift Officer, Peloton Coaching and Consulting

Many believe that inside sales reps are the future of sales programs. Discover three things that managers can do today to build a successful inside sales team.


Power in the digital age has shifted decidedly from the seller to the customer. Learn how an increasing number of companies are using customer co-creation to br...

The Economist Intelligence Unit — Sponsored by Salesforce

Successfully mapping sales territories as part of a go-to-market plan is part art, part data science. Discover how leading sales organizations get it done.

Brian Galgay — Director of Sales Strategy, Salesforce

Empathy can be a game changer for sales. Too often we don’t slow down enough to think about where it fits in all the stages of the sales cycle and “knowing” you...

Damilola Erinle — Area Vice President, U.K. and Ireland, Salesforce (Formerly)


Learn the growing power of inside sales: what it is, why it matters, and how to do right, with best practices from McKinsey.

Learn how Nielsen, a global media company, is transforming its sales organization in terms of strategy, processes, technology, and culture.

Learn how to break the cycle of negative self-talk that could be holding you back from success.

Start using proposals as an opportunity to close the sale, not just as a formality. Focus on benefits, use your prospect’s language, and provide choices to comm...

Build trust with customers by letting them participate in the sales conversation through choices.

Become a champion salesperson by performing set habits each and every day to garner the energy needed to be great.

Are you listening to customers two-dimensionally? Learn why you should revise this traditional approach to get a 360-degree view of your customers and the conte...

Events and trade shows can be fantastic ways to generate highly qualified new leads — if done well.

The science of incentivizing your salespeople is complex and requires careful consideration of human psychology and factors other than just money.

It’s time to start reverse engineering value propositions. Keys to earning your prospects trust — and business — with messaging using an outside-in approach.

Introversion can actually be a real asset in the world of sales. Learn more about the differences in and advantages of working with and selling to introverts.

Without active involvement in the development process and regular feedback, sales teams can find themselves presented with tools that don’t meet their needs.

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Sales used to be strictly the art of relationships. Learn how modern sales have evolved in the era of the CRM into a data-driven science.

Tony Rodoni — EVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

Big changes can present big challenges, and also big opportunities. This is often the case when you need to train your salespeople on new products.

Colin Nanka — Senior Director, Enablement for Commercial Sales @ Salesforce

In a high-growth company, recruiting is a critical line of business. Discover how to fuel company growth by employing sales approaches to the recruiting philoso...

Nathalie Scardino — Vice President of Sales Recruiting, Salesforce

Discover lessons learned by a VP during her transition from sales to marketing, from listening to customers first to enabling sales to articulate value.

Lynne Zaledonis — SVP, Product Marketing, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

How many times has this happened to you? You firmly decide what you’re going to do. But then you end up doing exactly the opposite.

Shari Levitin — Trainer, Speaker and Author of Heart and Sell

An incredible wave of innovation and technology is transforming our economies, our jobs, and our daily lives, and B2B sales and marketing automation.

Michael Kostow — SVP and GM, Pardot, Salesforce

For years, sales and marketing have been on parallel paths, rarely intersecting. Too often, there’s even been a good deal of mistrust between the two.

Gabe Rogol — Senior Vice President of Sales, Demandbase

Salesforce is one of the more aggressive and fast-moving sales organizations in the world. Discover the structural approach used by the Salesforce team to train...

John Barrows — Owner, j.barrows LLC

With all of the technology and communication tools available to sellers, it's never been easier for salespeople to actually do their job.

Tony Hughes — Speaker, Author, and Consultant

For top tech indirect sales channel firms, one thing is apparent: The rules have changed. Many companies are much more than simply distributors.

Janet Schijns — Vice President, Verizon Solutions and Sales Channels (Formerly)

Get to know "Peers, Cheers, and Jeers,” a weekly feedback and motivation roundup for sales teams. Discover how this peer-led learning format encourages vulnerab...

Todd Gracon — VP of Sales, Workato

Steve De Marco’s sales career started during the most unlikely of times. People said he was crazy to do it, and he would hate it. Turns out he loved it.

Heather Miller — Writer and Editor




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