Hit the ground running.​”

Wes Rudsenske
Vice President, Global Sales Strategy, Salesforce
Archana Subramanian
Senior Director, Global Sales Strategy, Salesforce

It takes a special kind of person to succeed as a front- line sales leader. I was in that role for three years and found it to be both the hardest and most rewa...

Jennifer Lagaly — AVP, Enterprise Sales, Salesforce

Sales hiring requires matching tactical & emotional capabilities with the right environment. Gauge emotional intelligence with these 10 interview questions.

David Priemer — VP of Sales, Influitive

Most companies spend between 5% to 15% of revenue on sales. Learn the core components of sales excellence to ensure optimal usage of that investment.

Bertil Chappuis — Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Refine Search
Refine Search

Three months after college, I had a haphazard morning routine. No structure, no routine, and nowhere near ready mentally to win the day — key in B2B tech sales....

Ryan Warner — Account Executive, Salesforce

Whether you’re planning for next year or selling to meet end-of-year numbers, the last few months of the fiscal year can be chaotic, to say the least.

Wes Rudsenske & Archana Subramanian — VP, Channel Account Management and Senior Director, Sales Strategy and Operations, Salesforce

A fundamental of Salesforce's business performance has been tight alignment between sales and marketing. This is increasingly important as we’ve grown.

Simon Mulcahy — CMO, Salesforce

Sales and marketing share an enormous amount of common ground: Both achieve the greatest success when communicating directly with customers and prospects.

Vanessa Haney — Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce

While the relationship between sales and marketing teams is closely tied, their approach to technology, metrics, and lead assessment can vary widely.

Natalie Johnson — Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Salesforce

While everyone agrees that corporate culture is a vital element of success, defining it in a way that can be acted on is a bit more difficult.

Tibor Shanto — Sales Execution Specialist, CRO, Renbor Sales Solutions

Learn from the best. Sell like the best.