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Merrick Rosenberg
CEO, Take Flight Learning

It takes a special kind of person to succeed as a front- line sales leader. I was in that role for three years and found it to be both the hardest and most rewa...

Jennifer Lagaly — AVP, Enterprise Sales, Salesforce

Sales hiring requires matching tactical & emotional capabilities with the right environment. Gauge emotional intelligence with these 10 interview questions.

David Priemer — Founder of Cerebral Selling

Most companies spend between 5% to 15% of revenue on sales. Learn the core components of sales excellence to ensure optimal usage of that investment.

Bertil Chappuis — Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Refine Search
Refine Search

Style plays out in every role from personal relationships to organizational leadership to sales interactions. Understand your sales style and the style of those...

Merrick Rosenberg — CEO, Take Flight Learning

As a job applicant, the interview is your chance to present your best self to a manager. Learn 3 tips that will help you nail your next interview and land that ...

Jeff Hoffman — Founder of Hoffman, Why You? Why You Now?® Sales Training Program

While most individuals in the workforce today keep a to-do list, it’s the rare individual who also keeps a “to-don’t” list. The essence of a productive strategy...

Mike Schultz — President, RAIN Group

It's hard to admit that you aren’t the perfect speaker. But training your voice for sales will enable you to be more effective in business. Learn three of the m...

Dr. Laura Sicola — Founder, Vocal Impact Productions

Most organizations have defined teams and delineated roles for marketing, sales, and service. Discover how communication and collaboration between these groups ...

Travis Bryant — Executive-in-Residence, Redpoint Ventures

Learn how one sales leader's experiences as an opera singer led to an epiphany on the parallels between being in the arts, and mastering the art of sales.

Kunya Rowley — Associate Director of Sales and Customer Service, FOH

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