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5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business


Sales isn’t typically a business owner’s top skill. For business owners, their passion and vision for their business have carried them to the successful companies they have today. Now it’s time to grow, and as owners grapple with sales, five common myths can stymie their progress. 

Below are five conversations I frequently have with business owners as they focus on their desire to grow 10%, 20%, and even 30% per year. Are you falling for one of these sales myths? Keep reading to dispel preconceived notions and unlock new opportunities.

1. Cold calling is dead.

What people say

We don’t need to cold call; we publish articles on our website, or We engage on social media; there’s no need to pick up the phone.

Why it’s a myth

Blog posts and social comments rarely cause prospects to reach out. When someone calls you because of a blog post or social comment they read, typically they’re in need of an immediate solution and you are one of several companies they’re contacting for price comparison. That puts you in competition from the start. 

Cold calling is a valuable, proactive way to reach potential clients, and it creates opportunities for growth by building relationships. When you pair it with digital attraction strategies, like publishing articles and social media, it isn’t even cold calling. You’ve taken the time to discuss who you are and what you do online. The prospect is aware of you, and your salespeople are making warm calls, not cold. Conversations begin before prospects engage your competition.


2. Email campaigns will sell for me.

What people say

Email campaigns promote our services and link to our website. This is enough to explain and sell what I offer. Prospects will reply if they need something.

Why it’s a myth

Unless you offer products people can research and easily purchase – like online apps – you can’t rely on an email campaign to sell for you. To turn a prospect into a client you need to reach out directly.

Your prospect wants detailed information about how your business will help their company. They want to hear how your solutions will solve their problems and the recommendations you have for their situation. Make a call. It will confirm your prospect’s interest, start a relationship, and determine next steps.

3. I can’t sell successfully in Q4.

What people say

I can’t possibly close a deal when everyone is focused on the holidays and office parties.

Why it’s a myth

I’m not a gambler, but I’m willing to bet your office isn’t going to spend Q4 sipping eggnog and eating pumpkin pie. Business will continue, and the sales process should too; otherwise, you’re losing an entire quarter of growth potential.

No, you won’t be able to close sales with a 120-day cycle, but that doesn’t mean you should give up entirely. Look for opportunities you can close within 30–45 days. Ask yourself what services can be added on for current clients or if there is project-based work you can sell. Once you change your frame of mind, you’ll be surprised by the amount of selling and growth that is possible in Q4.

4. Lead generation and sales prospecting are the only ways to grow a business.

What people say

We want to grow but don’t have the time, resources, or willingness to execute a lead generation campaign and follow up with prospects.

Why it’s a myth

Pick the growth strategies that best suit your goals and culture. This doesn’t have to be lead generation or sales prospecting right away, although, at some point, you will need to incorporate both.

Begin with your client base. Look for opportunities for additional services you could provide. Ask for referrals. We’ve seen clients substantially grow their businesses simply by focusing on their existing client base.

Consider acquisition. That’s an entire blog post on its own. But if you’re looking to grow, acquiring another company may be a way to fill gaps and expand your business and your staff.

5. Once a prospect says no, it’s over.

What people say

The prospect said no, so I’ve removed them from my list.

Why it’s a myth

Whether they said no to your proposal or to your first request for an appointment, taking your red pen to a contact forever would be a mistake. A no today could mean not this opportunity or not right now. You might be speaking with the wrong person or offering a solution that isn’t a fit today. Don’t give up so quickly.

When you hear no, thank the person for spending time with you and offer to stay in touch.

You need an open mind to grow your business.

Don’t let myths and preconceived notions stand in the way of achieving your growth goals. Shift how you think about sales and unlock new opportunities to expand your business.

A no today could mean not this opportunity or not right now. Don't give up so quickly.”

Kendra Lee | President, KLA Group
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