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Drive Strategic Growth

Quotable Collection

The pressure to grow a business is intense. In order to stay relevant in today's marketplace and hit revenue targets, sales and market growth strategies often include initiatives like introducing new products, creating new routes to market, entering new regions or through M&A. But the success of these growth strategies often falls on sales executives to find a path to profitability. This curated collection of articles from esteemed sales leaders, consultants and practitioners will help guide you in order to not only nail the basics, but also to drive sales performance.

Trying to meet a large sales quota can be pressure-filled and daunting. Read how one solution seller found a unique approach and took control of his quota.

Naman Khan — Vice President, Sales Cloud Product Marketing, Salesforce

The rapid pace of innovation is drastically changing how we live, work, and play. And now it’s about more than just staying ahead of the curve.

Brooks McCorcle — President, AT&T Partner Solutions (Formerly)

Scale is what makes many big companies start to slow down. Often the stagnation happens in part because they didn’t appropriately prepare their sales organizati...

Susan St. Ledger — Chief Revenue Officer, splunk inc.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. It sounds obvious, but any successful sales organization must know how to track the following sales metrics.

Patrick Blair — EVP, Salesforce, CRO Quip (Formerly)

Data is necessary for outstanding results, but meaningless without understanding which sales performance metrics support the goals of your organization.

Colleen Francis — Owner, Engage Selling Solutions

I’ve talked to hundreds of enterprise customers and partners over the last year. Without fail, the number one executive priority, regardless of industry, is gro...

Tony Owens — President of AMER Enterprise Sales, Salesforce

Building a strong sales team is hard. Learn how Sam's Club successfully built their field sales team in just six months despite numerous challenges.

CRM dashboards are essential in sales for a number of reasons. Discover how Salesforce teams monitor and share their progress with these vital charts.

Adam Gilberd — SVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

It all started when Saleforce missed internal sales goals one quarter. It was caused by a lack of data transparency combined with human bias.

Robin Glinton — Vice President of Data Science Applications, Salesforce

From smart systems, to mobile sales force automation (SFA), active analytics and real-time dashboards, learn how data-driven sales drive B2B efforts.

Joe Galvin — Chief Research Officer, Vistage

Successfully mapping sales territories as part of a go-to-market plan is part art, part data science. Discover how leading sales organizations get it done.

Brian Galgay — Director of Sales Strategy, Salesforce

The AI that powers business applications really boils down to a few discrete functions which, when combined in innovative ways, can deliver real value. Discover...

Marco Casalaina — Vice President, Product Management, Salesforce

Rather than prioritizing pipeline quantity, discover why committing to pipeline quality is crucial for leading sales organizations. The tighter you manage pipel...

Denise Dresser — SVP, Enterprise Cloud Sales, Salesforce

Salesforce puts a lot of thought into sales territory planning. Their process starts about five months before the fiscal year begins and involves a large team. ...

Adam Gilberd — SVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

Salesforce hasn’t always had an inside sales team. Learn how they built and keep building a thriving inside sales team and organizational development system

Will Anastas — VP Worldwide Sales at Gladly, Inc.

Understanding current sales trends differentiates best-in-class sales leaders through their ability to find growth opportunities competitors do.

Maria Valdivieso de Uster — Director of Knowledge, McKinsey & Company’s Marketing and Sales Practice

We need more leads, we need more leads! That’s the rallying cry of many sales reps. Discover why referral selling is a critical component to successful lead gen...

Joanne Black — Founder of No More Cold Calling, Speaker, and Author

Good sales forecasting helps grow your business. But, for many years, forecasting has relied on the human element that can make or break a quarter.

Hernán Asorey — Chief Data Officer, Salesforce

Discover how augmenting CRM data with ERP data helps sales teams to unlock propensity to buy behaviors, focus on high value activities, and help sales leaders b...

Christine Ooley and John Withers — Product Marketing Manager, Mulesoft | Product Marketing Manager, Mulesoft




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