Create employee experiences that drive business success.

What’s the #1 driver of business success? Engaged, empowered people. It’s time to give yours the tools to experiment, collaborate and turn ideas into action.

Boost productivity with consumer-like experiences

Give your employees the consumer-like tools they need to share knowledge and collaborate easily, even when they’re mobile or remote – including Chatter and Communities. What’s more, businesses that promote collaborative working are five times more likely to be high-performing.

Empower your help desk

Make employee support self-service – give your people digital tools that help them solve problems and stay productive. And give your help desk staff everything they need to find answers quickly and easily.

Build better apps, faster

Empower employees  with the app-building tools that let them experiment, fail fast, adapt, and find the right solution to their challenge. And thanks to AppExchange, chances are one of our 160,000 customers has already created an app that can help them solve it.

Engage with autonomous learning

Continue to upskill your team  with gamified training using Trailhead. Employees can pick a guided learning path, chart their progress and skill up for the future – whatever it may bring next.

FAQs from customers focused on fuelling the employee experience.

We help businesses and their employees to experiment, collaborate, and learn new skills – the fun way. Here are just a few questions they come to us with.
Salesforce helps HR manage the employee experience while delivering the tools employees need to collaborate, work smarter, and experiment at speed. Our customers get dedicated support from our help desks, and self-service training on Trailhead.
Salesforce Lightning is a great starting point. A customisable, user-friendly platform that helps employees to be more productive, solve problems for themselves, and easily build powerful apps that deliver great ROI – without needing to wait for IT support.
We believe a CRM should be more than just a customer relationship tool. It should be a platform for engaging your employees as well as your customers. A big part of that is empowering them to solve productivity and connectivity challenges themselves – with an all-in-one ‘click or code’ platform where they can build modern, scalable and secure mobile apps regardless of their technical ability.

Happiness Equals Productivity (and Profitability)

Happy employees make for happy customers. To fully understand the state of employee engagement today, we asked 1,000 employees about their wants, needs and expectations in the workplace. This is what they had to say.

We’re digitalising emotions. We want satisfied and engaged passengers, drivers, customers and travel managers to become our advocates.”

Ian Cohen | Addison Lee Group

Salesforce has the HR CRM solution you’ve been looking for.

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