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Services Available on G-Cloud

G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative to encourage the adoption of Cloud Services across the whole of the Public Sector. Their aim is to simplify how the Public Sector buys and delivers services by creating a marketplace of pay-as-you-go commodity services that can be easily scaled up or down, based on the changing needs of a business and its users.

Salesforce has been at the forefront of the Government’s G-Cloud strategy which is about changing perceptions and encouraging a Cloud first approach;  it’s about providing the right tools to help the business unleash innovation from the front-line and from citizens; it’s about helping a business become more flexible, agile and responsive to changing needs.


RBWM is a local UK government authority that is using as a part of their broader cloud strategy to reduce IT infrastructure

Salesforce + RBWM =


Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is a local authority that is using to reduce IT infrastructure 70% by 2014.
With social media, mobility and collaboration solutions they can better serve their 140.000 residents.


Disrupt bureaucracy and save taxpayer money

Smart agencies know that social collaboration is how things get done in the new era. They are creating environments where ideas and experience transcend hierarchy to flow across teams, where expertise easily be found, and where collaboration happens in real time. Like the General Services Administration, which built a private social network and consolidated information in the cloud.


Texas Department of Information Resources

Build apps to transform your organisation

Many government entities are saying goodbye to the time, cost, and complexity of building and running apps on-premise, and accessing them as a service over the Internet. In the cloud you can quickly spin up powerful, social apps to support the core business of government for a fraction of the usual cost. Like the dozen apps that the Texas Department of Information Resources built to improve its operations. Texas Department of Information Resources' story ›

Texas Department of Information Resources


Engage constituents on their terms

Constituents are going social, and the new town square is an online one. It’s time to change how citizens engage with their government and make it easy for them to connect with the right organisation or individual at anytime. So they can solve problems and make improvements—together. Like the State of Colorado, which uses Salesforce to deliver online access to all levels of government via desktops, smartphones, or tablets. State of Colorado’s story ›

State of Colorado

State of Colorado
Boston Business Hub

Gain new levels of efficiency

The cloud lets you free your data from legacy systems and administer government in powerful new ways. Easily manage constituents, grants, partners, projects, and portfolios and to boost productivity, and get real-time visibility into all of our operations. Agencies like the Boston Business Hub are experiencing amazing efficiency gains in the cloud. City of Boston’s story ›

Boston Business Hub


Align, motivate, and drive performance

Declining budgets, inadequate training, and an overly bureaucratic culture are among the top challenges facing government workforces today. Tap new ways to recruit and retain the top talent government and schools need to meet 21st century challenges. Whether it is social-enabled recruiting, training, or performance management, you can align people, motivate teams, and improve performance.

New York City Department of Education