Today I'm going to show you how to build a successful social strategy using household influencers and communities from your own kitchen. Nigella, Jamie and Martha combined do not hold a candle to your very own culinary collection of social ingredients. With over 150 million conversations each day you have the potential to create something to satisfy the most critical taste buds. 

Before I lose myself in a fit of cheesy cooking show analogies I should put some context into what I'm am trying to explain. 

Most businesses are not sure where to start in social media, much like myself in the kitchen; I will quite easily survive on takeout food putting little thought into my health. In business, social media is often left to the same dietary demise... oh I can't be bothered tonight I'm just going to cook up some twitter handles with a side of free engagement tools or maybe I’ll just re tweet last night’s content in the microwave.

Regardless, if it's your businesses social presence or your eating habits, fast food posting with no fresh real-time insights means your business is going to develop health problems. And your customers won't hang around if your social presence is gassy.

That's why I created a simply spectacular assortment of social dishes that will also do wonders for your businesses online buns and thighs.

Hot topic soup

Add fresh insights into a compelling upbeat story and bring to boil. When ever you think about posting content or running a campaign in social think to yourself, is it current and relatable enough to gain traction? If people have seen a similar headline they won't bother with your content or your brand.

Call to Action Curry 

Mmmm, mmmm delicious! Bring relevant data with real analysis to the simmer, cook until well thought out with an understanding of the audience. Having a call to action is the one ingredient linking your efforts to ROI.

Community Pie

I love pie, and there are loads of others like me who also like pie. If a brand wants to engage me, they better bake something that smells good or I won't look twice and neither I nor anyone in my particular pie loving community will talk about it. Know the current themes in your communities’ conversations and create content that relates.

Influence salad

The thing you add to this salad to make all the flavours come together is influence. Any business will have multiple communities they can leverage in some way, but where to start? Find your influencers find your competitors influencers and find your general industry influencers. This will amplify your efforts and build trust amongst customers.

Remember, eating socially healthy is an everyday thing. Stick to those recipes and together with regular exercise; enjoy a long and prosperous social presence. I would be interested in hearing any other cheesy cooking/social analogies, tweet me at @tweetsbyCT

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