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Relive The Highlights From 3 Salesforce Live: A&NZ Episodes

Salesforce Live: A&NZ is well underway, and we’ve had a blast hearing from top Trailblazers, industry experts and innovative companies about what success looks like now and into the future. Let’s take a look back at just a few of the insights you’ll find in the financial services, retail and consumer goods, and sales episodes.

The Retail Trends Accelerating Growth

Salesforce’s Director, Retail Industry Strategy, James Johnson looks at how the most successful retailers capitalised on changing trends ahead of the Retail and Consumer Goods Trailblazers Episode at Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand on 1 April. 

The Future Of Retail: Behavioural Change In The Novel Economy

Forget everything you thought you knew about your customer. They’ve changed, the world’s changed – and your business needs to change. Salesforce Live for Retail and Consumer Goods keynote speaker Brian Solis shares his insights into the future of retail and the opportunity to build human-centred organisations.

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