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Crocs Among First to Test Customer 360

Crocs Among First to Test Customer 360

Crocs is one of the first companies to test Salesforce Customer 360, a new way for companies to connect their Salesforce apps to deliver a unified cross-channel experience.

Since 2002, Crocs has relentlessly — and sometimes fearlessly — put their customers first. As their brand values state, “We were different and it made some people uncomfortable,” a subtle nod to the jabs they took for the clunky, manufactured design of their classic rubber clog.

But that didn’t stop them or slow them down. Crocs hunkered down in their authenticity and flipped the narrative to become a brand defined by uniqueness, confidence, and comfort. Just earlier this year, they launched an ad campaign that put their #ComeAsYouAre message front-and-center with a playful 100-second musical with Drew Barrymore that urged people to “get comfortable in your own shoes.”

Crocs is for shoppers who understand that comfort matters most. Now 16 years later, the brand has a very loyal following of customers who appreciate the unapologetic comfort of slipping into a Crocs shoe. When it comes to making shoes that people love, Crocs puts stock into thinking “people-first” at every step of their business and never underestimating the value in keeping their products “simple, light, and totally intuitive.”

So when it comes to digital innovation, Crocs focuses on reducing friction at every customer touchpoint by offering a world-class user experience. They want their shoes to be easy to search and browse, customer service issues to be effortlessly resolved, and the customer voice to be celebrated across channels.


Innovating the customer service experience

Keeping the customer and inherent simplicity top of mind, Crocs is continually re-evaluating their customer service process. Harvey Bierman, Crocs’ Vice President of eCommerce Technology and Operations, leads that charge and is intent on providing customers with a more personalized experience that leads to a quicker resolution time for service issues and higher levels of satisfaction. Crocs also wants to offer its customer service agents the best possible tools and experiences while improving the productivity of this valued customer touch-point.

These are among the reasons Crocs is one of the first companies to test Salesforce Customer 360, a new way for companies to connect their Salesforce apps to deliver a unified cross-channel experience. With Customer 360, companies like Crocs can create a true 360-degree view of their customers. And using a single ID, Crocs will enable every system to recognize a customer, regardless of which channel they engage on or how they identify themselves.

“We are partnering with technology companies, such as Salesforce, to ensure that our customer-facing applications are continually innovating to provide the best customer experience possible,” says Harvey. “Customer 360 is that next innovation allowing us to create a more robust, rich, and compelling consumer experience. I know this is Salesforce’s vision of the future, but it dovetails well with Croc’s vision for the continuing evolution of the retail landscape.”

Pre-built Customer 360 packages give companies who’re looking to innovate their own customer experience the pathway to do so quickly. These can be deployed for the most common use cases, including a Service Cloud experience that enables agents to see purchases and browse history from Commerce Cloud.

To learn more about how Customer 360 will help companies provide the level of customer experience we know they’ve been asking for, check out our blog post, “What is Customer 360?” or read the press release here.


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