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Your Success Toolbox: How to Achieve Digital Transformation With Salesforce

Your Success Toolbox: How to Achieve Digital Transformation With Salesforce

Digital transformation is never an easy undertaking, but we're here to guide the way. Here's a handy guide for getting started with digital transformation using Salesforce.

In the first two posts of our series, we highlighted how to LEARN how to get more value from Salesforce, and how to help your organization ADOPT Salesforce faster, two layers in your Success Cloud toolbox. The final layer is about how to TRANSFORM your business with Salesforce.

Organizations often think of transformation in terms of the tangible or non-human structural factors — things like systems and processes. But our secret sauce is built upon a lot of the opposite: non-tangible human factors like being transparent across our organization, sharing goals and objectives, and charting a common path together.

Transform how you do business

We have a team of dedicated Salesforce Architects, Experience designers, and Innovation experts, who have worked hand-in-hand with customers through countless digital transformations and can help you navigate your own transformation too.

Customers who are transforming successfully, are thinking about the things you can’t see.” Jamie Domenici | SVP, Salesforce Customer Success and Adoption

They’ll help you develop your vision, and build out your data architecture to get you over the finish line.

Want to learn more about transforming your company? Start with these easy steps.

North Star Insights in Action Report
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1. Complete the Business Transformation and Digital Transformation modules on Trailhead

Learn all about the trends causing companies to transform their products and customer relationships.

2. Sign up for a Design Center of Excellence Accelerator*

Get guidance from a Salesforce expert on how you can start a transformation in your own organization.

3. Download and read the North Star Insights in Action Report

Get the inside scoop from over 500 Salesforce customers on their best practices and how they transformed their companies to create new opportunities through sales, service, and marketing. Get your hands on it here!

4. Discover Transformation Services

Several transformational programs led by Salesforce industry experts provide guidance if you’re looking to level up your:

Architecture and Planning across business strategy, architecture, implementation, and design.

Innovation and Design with a human-centered approach through targeted programs like:

  • Salesforce Expeditions, Strategic and immersive consulting engagements where a team of our experts work hand in hand with your leadership team to build a vision, develop new strategies, and achieve your most ambitious goals with the power of the Salesforce Platform. In fact, they are reducing customers’ yearly operating expenses by US$11M and averaging as much as a 10-point increase in net promoter scores. (Get more details.)
  • Salesforce Envision, a design-led approach to creating a vision and roadmap for the ideal end-user experience on Salesforce to ensure alignment and drive adoption. Salesforce Envision customers report 4X faster delivery of new solutions. (Get more details.)

Technical Guidance and Monitoring to resolve support cases faster and prevent future incidents. Salesforce customers report a 71% drop in average time to resolve urgent cases through this support service.

?PRO TIP: Get to know and use Salesforce Accelerators*. Covering over 200+ topics, there’s support for every customer and every cloud, no matter where you are on your Salesforce journey.

We’re just getting started

At Success Cloud, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Sharing the secrets of the Salesforce Toolbox for success is just the beginning. And at Salesforce, we love feedback! In fact, we’re reaching over one hundred customers across the globe with our advisory boards to help shape the future of Salesforce.

But we want to hear how we can do more. So share with us! Tweet us @asksalesforce with questions about Success Cloud, to tell us what we can do to help you reach success faster, and follow us for success tips.

Success Cloud's Twitter handle is @asksalesforce

In the meantime, take a look at more of the Salesforce Success Cloud resources that will enable you to realize the value that’s meaningful to your organization and your Salesforce implementation.

Now, with the LEARN, ADOPT, and TRANSFORM tools in your Success Cloud toolbox, you’re ready to make this year your most successful year yet with Salesforce. We’re with you every step of the way, Trailblazer!

*Exclusive to Salesforce Premier Customers. Sign up to learn more about Premier Services.

Joan Yanabu

Joan Yanabu has her #dreamjob, helping Salesforce customers adopt technology. Her breadth of experience spans marketing, sales strategy, and IT Operations. Joan recently joined the KOA Club (10 years) at Salesforce.

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