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How To Empower Employees To Deliver Better Constituent Experiences With Lightning Apps

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Salesforce Scheduler and Action Plans, and Salesforce Surveys empower employees by leveraging process automation, analytics, and AI to strengthen the customer experience.

Modernizing your organization’s legacy systems and embracing a digital transformation can be a daunting process. Luckily, a new set of government apps from Salesforce makes this process easier, and we’re here to guide you on this journey.

Salesforce Scheduler and Action Plans, and Salesforce Surveys improve efficiency and productivity in your organization and help employees serve constituents better. Natively built on the Salesforce Platform, the apps are designed to fit your mission and have FedRamp Medium Authority to Operate out of the box. These tools empower employees to make faster and more informed decisions by leveraging process automation, analytics, and AI to strengthen the customer experience.

The Total Economic Impact Report shows that Salesforce Lightning apps have the potential to save workers one hour per week, and these productivity benefits are quantified at more than $18 million over three years. Saving time and money means that employees can effectively deliver personalized customer engagement across departments and locations by:

  • Streamlining appointment booking
  • Automating processes
  • Capturing meaningful feedback

Here’s how to do it.

Streamline appointment booking with Salesforce Scheduler

Organizations commonly draw resources from various departments and locations. With Salesforce Scheduler, you can ensure the right people engage each other in a meaningful way. Embed Scheduler into common workflows by building in simple rules to allow appointment scheduling based on specific criteria like: 

  • Service resources or expertise
  • Branch locations 
  • Appointment type

Scheduling can also be managed in two ways: outbound and inbound. Employees can use outbound scheduling to assist customers, and customers can use inbound scheduling to set up appointments. From managing casework to recruiting to running inspections, you can optimize appointments and eliminate complexity with Salesforce Scheduler.

Automate processes with Action Plans

High-volume, repeatable workflows slow down employees and affect the quality of service. Break down silos and promote collaboration across teams with Action Plans. The app allows you to capture repeatable tasks and then automate the task sequences, saving time, money, and boosting productivity. With Action Plans, employees can:

  • Assign tasks to different roles and staff members who need to collaborate on a plan
  • Automatically create and update action plans 
  • Require completion of tasks to comply with regulations and policies
  • Track deadlines and action plan progress

Automated tasks allow employees to have a seamless experience, enabling them to provide a more consistent customer experience

Capture meaningful feedback with Surveys

Discover a better way to serve customers by implementing Surveys for your organization. With this app, employees will now have faster access to information in the form of reports. This improved reporting allows for dashboards that are easy to find and interpret, enabling employees to access data and make fast, informed decisions. Now you can quickly design and launch surveys across the entire customer journey. Then, use the data to refine your service to provide a personalized experience for customers. You also have the control to send surveys at the right time, whether that’s after an interview, service, or after a case has been closed. Now, questions about the quality of service can be examined, this empowers employees to utilize consistent and accurate feedback to gain insights that will make an impact on the program.

Not only will these powerful tools save time and money, but the apps will support efforts in modernizing your organization while helping employees focus on what’s important. Let these apps empower employees to deliver better customer experiences. 

Want to see this trio of apps in action? Watch our “How to Modernize Employee Engagement” video and learn how to build the government of the future with Salesforce Scheduler, Action Plans, and Surveys.


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