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Salesforce’s New Nonprofit Cloud: Uniting Programs, Fundraising, Engagement, and Outcomes for Greater Impact

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Technology doesn’t distribute supplies in a disaster or ensure everyone has access to fundamental rights—humans do those things. Big or small, nonprofits work alongside individuals, partner organizations, government agencies, healthcare providers, volunteers, and staff to make sure our communities and our planet are improving. Whether it’s a large-scale response to a natural disaster or a community food drive, it’s never about a single person or organization working alone. It’s people and systems working together that drive real change and impact. 

At Salesforce, our vision for nonprofits has always been to put the best technology in the hands of impact makers. Technology can and should be a critical enabler to bring people and organizations together and scale those moments of impact.  

We want to make it easier for the nonprofit sector by breaking down information silos within your organization and those you partner with locally or globally. To collectively achieve greater impact you must collaborate with stakeholders, share information, and learn from and use your data. We convened our partners and your nonprofit peers to find solutions to your four priorities:

  • Deliver powerful programs through programs and case management
  • Grow fundraising income with data intelligence and insights 
  • Know and expand your community with personalized experiences
  • Measure, learn from and share impact

It’s with that in mind, I am pleased to announce our new vision for Nonprofit Cloud—Salesforce’s suite of nonprofit technology solutions built for the sector. For the first time, rather than layering nonprofit applications on top of the platform, we now have the opportunity to start building directly into the core of Salesforce, gaining access to innovation across all Salesforce industries. We want to tackle all of your goals in a single solution. That’s what the new Nonprofit Cloud does. 

For more than two decades we have worked together with our community and partner ecosystem to deliver purpose-built packages on top of the Salesforce platform. Together, we have achieved incredible things, building more than 14 software packages with the Nonprofit Cloud solution for the nonprofit community, anchored by the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) which is used by thousands of organizations. We will maintain support for these existing offerings like NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, the Program Management Module, and more.

But we will also offer a new solution to nonprofit organizations with reimagined program management, case management, outcomes, marketing engagement, and fundraising in a single solution. For this new innovation, we are first focusing on the heart of your missions: delivering programs and case management. Available today, our next generation of Nonprofit Cloud has a new way to support your programs and case management, tapping into the full power of the Salesforce platform. Fundraising and outcomes will be added to this single solution later this year. 

Faster and easier access to nonprofit technology with the full Salesforce platform

Your supporters measure your organization by your impact. And you want to spend your time driving that impact, not piecing together data from different systems. Making data-driven decisions faster will help you focus on what is working and where you need to drive change.

This new way of innovating provides a faster and more unified way to drive impact by bringing stakeholder experiences from across the organization and your partners together. 

It means your programs, fundraising, engagement, and outcomes are more unified. But it also gives you easier, and much faster, access to the innovation from across all of Salesforce. Salesforce’s platform has technology solutions built for hundreds of other industries and use cases, and this new innovation connects you directly  to this portfolio of best-in-class solutions. 

Greater cross-sector impact

Our new Nonprofit Cloud, which includes programs and case management, is designed for whole person care. Building Nonprofit Cloud directly into the Salesforce platform makes it easier for you to adopt technology used in other industries like Health & Life Sciences and the Public Sector.

This means our technology reflects more of how you actually get your jobs done—working with your program participants, their families, governments, healthcare organizations, and other nonprofits together to ensure everyone is achieving their goals. This creates better cross-sector engagement and impact for everyone you serve.

Impact is driven by everyone

Behind every relationship, person, or program is data. And when you combine all those data points together, you can actually make use of it, learn from it, and validate it. It gives you traceability-the ability to trace something as it moves through a process, in this case your impact.

With this reimagining of Nonprofit Cloud, we are building every component with outcomes in mind and are partnering with the customer community to determine what data is critical to capture. This will give you a simpler way to measure outcomes without as much work with heavy customization, and in a more standardized way.

We started with programs and case management in Nonprofit Cloud available today but outcomes, engagement, and fundraising—which will be released later this year—will connect and flow through to all of our future innovation.

The Power of Us program

In addition to Salesforce’s long-standing commitment to giving 1% of equity, product, and employee time back to its communities, our Power of Us program remains an important part of how we achieve our vision of getting the best nonprofit technology into the hands of impact makers. Through this program, Salesforce grants qualified nonprofit and educational organizations 10 free technology licenses. I’m excited to share that the new Nonprofit Cloud innovation will be included. We will also continue to offer and support the licenses of customers who are already using the Power of Us program, and our existing paid nonprofit offerings and data models, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). 

This is a new approach for creating products for the nonprofit sector, but it is an approach that has been used successfully by other industries within Salesforce for years. We are committed to and will continue to invest in best-in-class nonprofit technology for the nonprofit sector.  I look forward to this work with our community and partner ecosystem. For current Salesforce customers please join us in the Hub in the Trailblazer Community

Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other posts or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Salesforce applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. For more information please visit, or call 1-800-667-6389.

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Lori Freeman
Lori Freeman Vice President and GM of Salesforce for Nonprofits

Lori Freeman is vice president and GM of Salesforce for Nonprofits. She has 15 years of experience in the technology and nonprofit industry in cloud and application based offerings for nonprofits. Based in Austin, Texas, she began her nonprofit technology career at the American Cancer Society in the 1990s. Lori holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Kansas State University. Follow her on Twitter: @lorif

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