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3 New Ways You Can Speed Up Sales With a Team Approach

A woman and a man are surrounded by illustrations of tools that speed up sales.
New Sales Cloud and Slack innovations give sales teams a single, complete view of customer data natively within Slack.

See how you can use our latest innovations to connect your sales reps with the right info — all in one digital workspace.

Team selling, where multiple reps work together to close the same deal, is key in today’s uncertain economic climate. In fact, 81% of sales reps say it helps them close deals. But the time it takes to manage all that collaboration can make it harder to speed up sales: reps say that today, more than 70% of their time is spent on administrative tasks.

“Sellers are being pulled in every direction and need to streamline and centralize communication,” said Ketan Karkhanis, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud.

Today at World Tour NYC, Salesforce introduced innovations from Sales Cloud, our product suite for Sales leaders, and Slack, your digital headquarters, to help your sales team lower costs, increase productivity, work more efficiently, and strengthen customer relationships.

What’s new: Backed by the full power of Customer 360 – the single source of truth for every customer – and the new Slack platform, sales teams now get a single, complete view of customer data natively within Slack. This connects the right team members, processes, and data to help you close deals faster.

Sell as a team

See when team selling can be especially helpful, and learn how your sales teams can collaborate on Slack. This online learning module sets you up for success.

And we’ve made it easier than ever for your teams to get started, with:

  • An intuitive setup experience inside Slack — with flexible customization — that helps reps get started and helps speed up sales — all without admin help. Sales teams can quickly act on deals with access to relevant Sales Cloud and third-party data. They can access this data securely and directly within Slack.
  • Ready-to-use sales templates for common workflows and tasks, native to Slack, which quickly boost and scale team performance. These templates help sales teams use best practices rooted in two decades of learnings from our products and customers, embedding them into the channels. They offer blueprints for how to set up successful channels that automatically generate the right structure and content. If you want to onboard new sellers, for instance, this would help you set up a channel that automatically pulls in your new team members and allows them to access the right resources.
A screenshot of Sales Hub embedded into Slack.
These sales templates embed best practices into Slack channels.
  • Automated, customizable sales workflows and CRM-based alerts configurable in Slack. These drive sales productivity by keeping everyone updated and moving forward in Slack channels connected to Sales Cloud. Now, account teams can see opportunities and customer details piped into channels dedicated to a specific customer account. Anyone working on the account can view all of the information, streamlining conversations and helping you speed up sales.
Account teams can see opportunities and customer details piped into channels dedicated to a specific customer account.

The future of selling is connecting the right people with the right information and workflows, all in one digital workspace. That’s what Slack and Sales Cloud do, empowering sales reps to close deals and resolve issues faster, and — most importantly — cultivate thriving, long-term customer relationships. The new innovations will be available in spring 2023.

“Having a single view of the customer is one of the most valuable things for a sales team,” said Jennifer Kady, vice president, global markets sales, IBM. “Sales Cloud and Slack provide a clear picture of our customers so we are able to identify their challenges and advise them on a solution, helping our team create trusted long-term relationships. The built-in templates and collaborative tools get sales reps up to speed fast, promote team selling, and scale processes, which improves customer satisfaction, increases rep productivity, and drives revenue.”

Maximize savings to deliver success now

Available today, the Sales Productivity Bundle — now with Slack — helps companies simplify their tech stack and automate processes to significantly reduce costs and deliver success now.

Rob Seaman
Rob Seaman SVP of Product Management, Slack

Rob Seaman is senior vice president of product management, Slack. Rob's product career spans more than two decades leading product and design at CRM, analytics and AI companies from seed stage to publicly traded.

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