Explore the features that make Salesforce the world's most trusted cloud platform for business.

The Salesforce Platform delivers the robust, scalable, trusted, and flexible infrastructure to empower IT to stop worrying about hardware and maintenance, and start driving real business results, faster.

Innovate without worrying about infrastructure on our multitenant model.

With Salesforce, we provide the hardware, software, and service, with everyone running on a single code base. Each instance of Salesforce is different, but shares the same infrastructure, innovations, and updates.

Build on the #1 trusted cloud.

The Salesforce Platform is built around a robust and secure architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most heavily regulated industries — from financial services to healthcare and government. Org security, user security, programmatic security, trust, and visibility — it all comes standard so you don’t have to worry about it.

Get updates that don't break customizations with our metadata-driven architecture.

The Salesforce model provides clear boundaries between the platform and the applications that run on it. This eliminates the complexity and risk of entire hardware and software stacks that need to be maintained and managed for each application deployment. No servers for you to maintain. No software for you to worry about. No headaches.

Start building apps faster without need to set up runtime services.

Traditionally, setting up the underlying runtime services for applications can be a time-consuming endeavor, not to mention maintaining those services through upgrades and expanding application requirements. With the Salesforce Platform, all of the application services come right out of the box, from a powerful workflow engine to API services, integration services, authentication, event log framework, analytics, collaboration services, and all of the other powerful services behind the award-winning Salesforce applications. So you can just start building.