With much to see during Basecamp Brussels, we understand it’s a challenge to create an agenda with sessions that are most relevant to you. Let us point you in the right direction with this list of ‘not to miss’. But before we do, make sure you’ve registered for the event as our last 100 tickets are now for sale.


Exclusive equality session with Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo


Equality is one of our key values here at Salesforce. And we believe that businesses are a powerful platform for social change. Therefore, we joined forces with our partner Deloitte to offer you an exclusive equality session in the morning of the event at Produits Dangereux.

‘Sparkle Innovation through Diversity’ is aimed for those who want to promote equality in the workplace, driving the higher purpose of equality for all. Be part of an inspiring panel discussion between Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo; Salesforce Board member Neelie Kroes; Chief Talent Officer Deloitte, Inge Diels; Chairman of the board of Directors & Partner Nexxworks, Rik Vera, and Mirabel Hoys, Director HR Consulting at Attentia. Walk away with insights on the value equality can have on your team and sector.



Blaze your trail to a customer transformation


You won’t hear this for the first time, but we live in a digital world, where everything is getting smarter and faster. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not only our products and devices are increasingly more connected, your customers are too. This makes them smarter and their demands for personalised experiences higher than ever.

To keep up with this fast-paced and increasingly connected world, businesses need to think differently. In order to keep connecting with their customers, they need to stay innovative.

In the Opening Keynote, you’ll get inspired by customer-led transformation and discover four proven disciplines of customer-centric companies. Our trailblazing speakers include Belgium’s largest car dealership network D'ieteren and, best shoe retailer and the best place to work in Europe, Torfs. Together with Salesforce customer advocates Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer, and Daljit Bamford, Chief Customer Officer, it’s a recipe for success and a session not to miss.





Get innovation learnings first-hand from customer-led sessions


Most of the sessions during Basecamp Brussels are presented by our trailblazing customers, so you can learn first hand from like-minded peers that innovate and thrive in today’s digital world. Highlighted sessions are with our customers DPD, Ahold Delhaize, and Attentia but make sure you check out the agenda page on the website for a full overview.


DPD Delivers Customer and Employee Happiness at Scale

Global delivery expert DPD set a new bar by launching its customer care and sales management platform. Find out how the company drove B2B and B2C growth - in just two months. With their sharp focus, flawless implementation, and adoption success, the organisation was able to create great business impact, despite limited resources and ambitious timelines.


Solvay Delivers Personalised B2B eCommerce

Today’s B2B buyers expect the same purchasing experiences they’re used to in their personal lives as consumers. Learn how Solvay has built their eCommerce presence with the Salesforce B2B Commerce solution. They’ll explain how they were able to create seamless, personalised experiences for their B2B customers, while reducing cost to sell and opening new channels for growth.


Ahold Delhaize Personalises the Full Consumer Journey

Iconic food retailer Ahold Delhaize is leading the industry with its unique approach to transform the entire consumer journey. Find out how they deliver seamless experiences across all touch points, brands, and countries while empowering employees in its HQ, call centers, stores, and more. All with the help of Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Platform.



MolenGeek sets youngsters up for professional success


Make sure you visit the Trailhead area on the Expo floor and pass by MolenGeek. This non-profit organisation helps youngsters in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in Brussels, learning the digital skills that are needed for the future. To teach these skills, MolenGeek uses Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

MolenGeek started in 2015 as a Coding School. Youngsters from diverse backgrounds work, network, and share best practices and experiences at the school’s location - all for free. Over the years the organisation has helped more than 180 young entrepreneurs with starting their own business and finding jobs using the skills that are needed in today’s digital world and that MolenGeek helped them obtain.


Why relaxing is worse than being busy


Even with stress and higher burn-out rates around the corner, we still plan overfilled days. It seems like we’re not able to relax anymore. Our time is becoming ‘obese’. We plan our days full and are no longer able to truly do nothing. This may seem like something from the last generations, but it has actually been a recurring challenge over time.

Ignaas Devisch, Belgian professor, writer, philosopher, and ethicist, presents an original remedy for an acute lack of time in the last session of the day: living abundantly. Do you recognise yourself in the above? Join us and get inspired by his refreshing vision on 'time'. A must for anyone with a busy schedule.




Last 100 tickets on sale


Of course it’s not possible to capture all the goodness of the day in just one blog. That’s why you should come see for yourself! Join us on 25 June for a day full of innovation, inspiration, and networking. It’s still possible to register but be fast! Our last 100 tickets are now up for sale. Sign up today - for free - on our website.