Salesforce was the missing piece of the puzzle we needed to grow our business”

—Tariq Saied, Chief Operating Officer, Jigsaw24

Jigsaw24 gets the big picture with Salesforce

When Anna’s laptop developed a fault, she turned to the team at Jigsaw24. Thanks to Salesforce, Jack at Jigsaw24 immediately knew what service response times Anna expected under her contract – and made sure he met them.

Since deploying Salesforce in November 2012, Jigsaw24 has transformed how it manages service delivery. As Tariq Saied, Chief Operating Officer, Jigsaw24, explains: “Salesforce was the missing piece of the puzzle we needed to grow our business.”

Jigsaw24’s transformation was triggered by people like Anna and her company, which is one of 100 customers with support contracts with the IT services provider.

“Our customers were asking us if we could deliver our IT support services on a more formal basis,” explains Saied. “With Salesforce, we have been able to answer that need. Our business is founded on a customer service ethos – we have now made this more formal with defined propositions and service level agreements (SLAs).”

When it first embarked on this evolution, Jigsaw24 realised it was missing one vital piece of the puzzle: it couldn’t track customers’ requests or contractual entitlements effectively. “Our ability to expand was being held back,” reveals Saied.

The company’s two service desks handle around 1,200 incidents and requests per month via calls, emails and automated alerts – all of which are routed through Service Cloud. Using the Salesforce Platform, Jigsaw24 has customised Service Cloud to enable customer queries to be prioritised based on their contractual entitlements.

Piecing together information sources

In conjunction with Sales Cloud and the company's ERP platform, Service Cloud also provides an invaluable knowledge pool for Jigsaw24’s 140 employees. “When an account manager signs into Salesforce, they can see everything about the customer. For us, that is the true power of Salesforce,” asserts Saied.

Marketing campaigns, product details, engineers’ work schedules and software renewal dates are also tracked using Salesforce. Saied comments: “Salesforce has made it easier for us to collaborate on service propositions, customer queries and new business opportunities, which means we can deliver an even better service.”

As an enterprise social networking tool, Salesforce Chatter is also an important part of the collaboration picture at Jigsaw24. “Chatter reduces our reliance on email and enables us to source knowledge from the crowd,” adds Saied.

The transformation has enabled Jigsaw24 to increase its lead conversion rate and drive greater value from marketing campaigns. “Salesforce has plugged the information gap at Jigsaw24,” comments Saied. “It provides an up-to-the-minute view of what is going on, which will be key as we continue to grow our business.”


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