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DistilledSCH empowers customers with richer insights with Salesforce

Estate agent Tom has a new house to list on Ireland’s biggest property website, Daft.ie. To help him value the property, Daft.ie shows him listings for similar houses in the area, and he gets the house listed quickly and easily.

But he’s not the only one getting a helping hand from the platform. The buyer did a virtual tour before getting in touch with the agent, they’ve used the neighbourhood guide to decide if they want to live in the area and when they make an offer, Daft.ie delivers greater transparency for everyone, reducing the number of interactions throughout the housebuying process.

Daft.ie is one of three websites owned by DistilledSCH, Ireland’s largest online media company. In addition to making the property market more accessible for consumers, the company also provides a platform for motor sales on DoneDeal.ie, while Adverts.ie is a mobile-first online marketplace for consumers to buy and sell safely online.


We found ourselves with a much larger sales team. Sales Cloud helps us to manage that team as we scale while giving us a deeper understanding of customer interactions and automating key processes”

Adam Ferguson, Commercial Director at Daft.ie.

Adding more value to customers

DistilledSCH doesn’t want to act as a listing board for customers, it aims to deliver value-added services for buyers and sellers every step of the way. And with Salesforce, transactions are more transparent, interactions are more efficient, and customers are empowered with self-serve dashboards giving them metrics on how their campaigns are doing.

“Our vision is to get deeper into the chain. We want to connect more suppliers with consumers and give them the tools to make the transaction easier and more valuable for everyone,” said Adam Ferguson, Commercial Director at Daft.ie.

To deliver a personalised customer experience at scale, DistilledSCH needed its internal processes to be as efficient and joined-up as possible. In 2015, DoneDeal and Daft merged, each company bringing its own teams and systems, so the company decided to implement a single, comprehensive platform across the business.

“We found ourselves with a much larger sales team. Sales Cloud helps us to manage that team as we scale while giving us a deeper understanding of customer interactions and automating key processes,” said Ferguson. “Salesforce also helps us attract and retain talented staff who know and love the platform.”

Harnessing the power of data

To make sure it is meeting customer expectations, DistilledSCH regularly captures customer feedback and tracks its Net Promoter Score. Its in-house team is constantly developing and customising the Salesforce platform to unlock more capabilities in line with demand. For example, Salesforce helps to give customers deeper insights into how their ad campaigns are performing. 

“Customers advertising on our platforms used to get a manual report with their invoice every month, but with Salesforce we can show them metrics like their click-through rates from a self-serve dashboard to help them increase the ROI of their campaigns,” explained Ferguson.

A customised integration with Salesforce means the data that feeds into Google Ad Manager is identical to the data used for invoices and reporting, providing richer insights, right down to the individual performance of the sales person. From one set of data, the management team can see who is selling the most ad space, and the customer gets a more detailed invoice. 

Simplifying processes with comprehensive tools

With a vast product catalogue and rate card, Salesforce CPQ provides DistilledSCH’s sales team with a single source of the truth that helps to speed up and simplify quotes. But smarter processes and richer data also help them make better decisions, as Ferguson explained: “Customers can get a basic ad for free, with the goal being to up- and cross-sell premium ad space so they can get more leads. With Salesforce, we can track how many touches it takes to convert a lead from a free ad upload to a paying customer.”

This insight helps the team work smarter to maximise revenue by giving a clearer picture of which leads are the hottest and which they should therefore allocate more time nurturing.

The company also plans to use the platform to help the sales team track performance against their targets and secure more commission. “We used to track this on Google Docs, but managing permissions was a nightmare,” added Ferguson. “With Salesforce, we can automatically assign different levels of access to different people depending on their role.”

Greater efficiency across the board

With Salesforce, DistilledSCH has stronger relationships with customers, from the moment they phone in, through to proactively helping them reach a wider audience with their ad campaigns. Reports are closely monitored to ensure the company and individual users are meeting their targets and customer expectations.

“Salesforce helps us work faster and smarter. Our sales team can spend more time talking to customers and less on time-consuming data entry, which is better for the business and better for staff and customer satisfaction,” explained Ferguson. “Giving customers a richer toolset will help us keep the competition at bay, and we’re confident that with Salesforce we’re giving them an experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”


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