Connect citizens and agencies for the 21st century. A truly connected government is citizen-centric and builds connections between citizens, employees, governments and services. Salesforce helps government organisations to manage citizen interactions through any channel.
People now expect private sector service from the public sector, and this includes employees within government too. To meet these new expectations, Salesforce provide systems on a single operational platform so that all employees have the right data and the right tools to be productive, effective and engaged.
When everyone has access to the right tools and information, it’s easy for government to collaborate and work more efficiently to implement solutions. Salesforce helped DVLA to manage all customer interactions more efficiently through their contact centre - this improved DVLA's Civil Service People Survey engagement score from 66% to 73%, and staff tooling increased from 76% to 92%. These are among some of the highest in UK government.
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With Salesforce, we can empower and engage our advisors to deliver a better and faster response to millions of drivers and vehicle owners across Great Britain.”


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