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"Salesforce can adapt and morph itself to fulfill our every need."

- Meghan Stinton
Executive Director of Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA)

Salesforce helps Colorado connect with citizens and promote business

The popularity of smart phones and social networks is changing the way we communicate with friends, family, companies, and even government entities. When citizens, businesses, and local agencies in Colorado want to engage with their government via online channels, the state makes sure they get to the right contact quickly and easily. “We’re moving the government to where the citizens are, rather than forcing them to come find us,” says Meghan Stinton, Executive Director of Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA), a technology aggregator for local governments and state agencies.

SIPA first used Sales Cloud when it needed a way to track hundreds of internal customers. The initial implementation was so successful that the agency brought many other Colorado functions onto Salesforce, including arts funding, business recruiting, Department of Transportation grants, and the governor’s correspondence and scheduling.

Today, Colorado uses Salesforce to deliver online access to all levels of government. Citizens and agencies can submit requests to from their desktops, smartphones, or tablets. The governor’s office—for example—has doubled the number of requests it processes each month, without anything falling through the cracks. “We have more time now for higher-touch relationships,” says Conley.

In the past, SIPA had multiple custom applications for things like economic development, tourism, and job creation that needed constant updating. With the App Cloud, apps that would have taken 6 months to implement now take only 6 weeks. “Salesforce can adapt and morph itself to fulfill our every need,” says Conley. “Even in a budget environment, we have a powerful speed of prototyping and production.” The agency even resells the apps it develops to help local businesses succeed.

Bringing new businesses to Colorado

Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and Trade (OEDIT) took note of SIPA’s increased efficiency and tapped the Sales Cloud to manage incoming leads as part of its efforts to attract domestic and international business to Colorado. “With Salesforce, we’re showing the world that Colorado is a great place to do business,” says Conley.

State of Colorado
State of Colorado


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