"Morrison Utility Services just can’t say enough good things about on-demand development.  Using Force.com, the company developed a critical work management system from scratch in just three months, slicing development time by two-thirds and increasing efficiency dramatically."

- Morrison Utility Services

Morrison Launches Critical Work Management System in Just Three Months using Force.com 


  • Morrison Utility Services is a leading UK service provider within the electricity, gas, telecommunications, and water sectors, centered on the provision and maintenance of the utility network infrastructure 
  • As part of a multi-million sterling order, the firm was contracted to develop a mains replacement work management system that would manage projects, streets, notices, complaints, reinstatements, and defects. Morrison required a system to track the progress of each project from receipt of work to completion
  • Already a satisfied Salesforce CRM SFA customer, Morrison required an agile development methodology in support of a customer services solution―specifically because the program had to be deployed in three months


  • Morrison deployed Force.com Platform as a Service (PaaS) to 100 team members to quickly assemble and deploy the application ‘in the cloud’, using simple components and code
  • Exploiting PaaS technology enabled Morrison’s developers to focus on creating the application, rather than spending time configuring and supporting the infrastructure to run it on.  Morrison believed the PaaS model presented a low risk, cost effective solution that would enable rapid application deployment and would scale up or down with the demands of the organization
  • The mains replacement work management system eliminates existing spreadsheets, paper processes, and work management database systems with one unified, browser-based system and standardized processes which are available simultaneously across the firm’s four depots.  Up to 700 projects are currently live for this contract 
  • Using Salesforce Mobile, Morrison’s staff has access to Salesforce CRM on their iPhones and other mobile devices.  Among many features, they can use the shared, real-time view of operations to look up where mains repair contract jobs are located based on GPS co-ordinates, take photographs of the work and upload them into Salesforce CRM, and report on completed projects


  • Visibility into contract work has risen from 40% prior to deploying Force.com to 100%, and the volume of data sources has dropped from 18 to one single view
  • The time allocated by staff to project data entry has fallen 50%, from 90 minutes per project to 40 minutes
  • The time required to assemble and build the application was cut by more than 66% using Force.com (975 hours compared with 300 hours using Force.com)
  •  Morrison has reduced the time needed to create reports from 1,080 mins/qtr to 30 mins/qtr using Force.com
  • Overall, Morrison is able to collect work management data into a central repository, allowing the firm to measure and apply business intelligence to improve the service provided to customers, while reducing costs

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