World Tour Equality Program

"Inequality, in all its forms – Gender, LGBTQ, Racial or otherwise – is an issue that every company must address for its own benefit and to create a better world. We believe businesses need to focus on closing the Equality gap with the same energy put into creating new products and markets."

– Tony Prophet, Chief Equality Officer, Salesforce


Our Commitment to the
Age of Equality

At Salesforce, we are working together with our whole Ohana – our employees, customers, partners, community organizations and the tech industry – to build a path forward to Equality for all. We are taking action across four key pillars: equal pay, equal opportunity, equal advancement and equal rights.

Achieving our vision of Equality for all is going to be a long journey, and ultimately, success will be reached through many steps along the way. The trail starts with transparency, education, inclusive dialogue, quick action, community building and an unbreakable commitment to making the world a better place.

As civil rights pioneer Congressman John Lewis says: "We must be headlights, not taillights," to address social injustices. Together, as one Salesforce Ohana, we will be headlights, and do our part to blaze the trail toward Equality for all.

We are committed to living and breathing this value in everything we do - including our events - and as such we have put a clear focus on Equality throughout Sydney World Tour 2017. We encourage you to join our equality sessions and learn how your business can embrace the Age of Equality.




Tony Prophet, Chief Equality Officer, Salesforce

Tony Prophet is chief equality officer of Salesforce. He leads the company’s equality initiatives, focusing on gender, LGBTQ and racial equality to ensure that Salesforce reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. He is a member of the company’s executive committee, reporting to Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff.



Jack Manning Bancroft, CEO & Founder AIME

As a 19 year old university student Jack Manning Bancroft took 25 of his fellow students to a local high school in Sydney to mentor 25 Indigenous Australia kids. The intent was to give these kids, and the uni students a chance to build a better future for the nation. On that day AIME was born.



Dr. Catherine Ball, Author, Founder, and Ethics Advocate

Dr. Catherine Ball is an author, founder, and ethics advocate working across global projects where robotics and new technology meet environmental protection. A sought after voice in industry, Dr. Ball is now the CEO of an Australian startup working with the application of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) aka drone technology across remote communities, schools, industry, and citizen scientists.

Dr. Ball is leading the call for discussions around the ethics of spatial data, aka geo-ethics. Dr. Ball’s biggest passion is found working on projects that have a humanitarian aspect, ranging from the use of RPAS for emergency response, to recording cultural heritage, and agricultural assessments. Dr. Ball has travelled and worked globally on cutting edge projects that combine science, entrepreneurship, empowerment, education, and training.



Mel Russell, National Transitions Director, Soldier On

Mel Russell commenced working at Soldier On in January 2016 as the Empowerment Program Manager and is now the National Transitions Director. Mel studied Communications at the University of Wollongong and worked in media research for some time prior to joining the Army in 2010 as an officer in training at the Royal Military College at Duntroon. Due to continued injury and illness, Mel separated from the ADF and secured a role in the Australian Public Service within Defence. It was during her time with Defense that Mel connected with Soldier On and watched the organisation grow in the support it was providing ex-service men and women. As the National Transitions Director for SoldierOn, Mel and her team of Veteran and Family Support Officers, are focused on supporting veterans, and their families, into employment and education opportunities, while ensuring they are supported through all other programs and activities Soldier On has to offer.



Bridget Loudon, CEO, Expert360

Bridget Loudon is the CEO of Expert360, Australia’s leading online marketplace for curated, on demand, consulting talent. Since cofounding Expert360 in 2013, Bridget has led the company to become a global Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform, and enabled a new market for readily available elite capability and expertise.

Bridget is a digital native and a former management consultant from top tier firm Bain & Company. Running successful businesses and start-ups is in Bridget’s blood. She started her first business, a wholesale distribution company, in high school, sold out in University and has had the start-up bug ever since.

A recognised thought leader in strategy, entrepreneurship and digital disruption, she has won numerous accolades and awards, including NAB 2014 Women’s Agenda Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, FutureMakers list of Australia’s top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs, and Shoestring’s Top 50 Australian female entrepreneurs under 40.


Marisa Warren, CEO, Chair & Founding Director, ELEVACAO Foundation

Marisa is a global tech advisor, social entrepreneur and speaker, who is incredibly passionate about elevating women to higher levels. As an entrepreneur, Marisa has built three global businesses from idea stage to revenue producing, and worked in Australia and New York for companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Workday.

Whilst living in New York, Marisa founded ELEVACAO Foundation – a global not for profit empowering women entrepreneurs to build and launch successful tech businesses. With world domination plans, the Sydney chapter was launched in 2016, the Melbourne and Singapore chapters to launch in 2017.


Diversity makes your business stronger: rethinking the candidate pool to build a truly diverse team

11.40 am - 12:20 pm

A recent report by CEW & Male Champions of Change tears apart the old falsehood that businesses always hire ‘the best person for the job’. This session explores how you can expand your candidate pool by thinking differently about who is the best person for the jobs in your team/organisation and how you can go about creating a more diverse, productive and innovative business.

#girlboss: female leaders blazing a trail for the future of Australian business

2.15 pm - 2:55 pm

The tide on female leadership in this country is shifting. We are seeing more women leading from the front, founding their own companies and inspiring a whole new generation of female talent. Join some of Australia's female leaders and founders as they share their unique experiences and what's top of mind in Australian business. This all-female panel discussion will cover a range of topics including customer experience in new world, businesses to watch, industry disruption, and key leadership qualities in our leaders of tomorrow.

Are we there yet? Are Australian organisations as inclusive as we think

3.25 pm - 4:05 pm

Australia is falling behind the rest of the western world when it comes to LGBTQI rights. Now is the time for Australian organisations to lead the way when it comes to creating cultures of inclusivity and openess, where people don’t need to fit specific boxes. This session will explore what companies are doing this well and the actions you can take as a business looking to support its LGBTQI community and bring Australia into the ‘modern century’.

Accessibility Requirements

Salesforce is committed to equality for all and as part of that commitment we want to make sure all members of our community can access the fantastic content and activities available at World Tour. If you head to the FAQ section of the website you will see all the accessibility features available at World Tour Sydney 2017. Should you have specific accessibility requirements please add them to the online registration form or email

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Sydney | 21 March 2017.