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How This 6-Person Company Focuses on Every Customer

How This 6-Person Company Focuses on Every Customer

Read how Bernard and Stephanie have always focused on every client—and maintain this level of service as a six-person company.

Fourteen years ago, Bernard and Stephanie Morgan started a company with a cardboard table and two spare laptops in their garage. Their small business, ICS+, focuses on customized software for building automation systems. For example, think of a universal remote, but for a building. 

Bernard and Stephanie sat down with us to share how, throughout the years, they have always focused on every client. They maintain this level of service despite operating as a six-person company. As a testament to their success, their very first client is still with them. Here’s how they do it:

1. Prioritize customer service

“Since we’re a service-based company and we’re B2B, customer service is everything,” says Bernard.

To Bernard, communication with customers is key. They use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track all communications with their clients. It helps them understand what’s working and not working for each client. 

“Understanding what the client likes and dislikes helps us know what to do next time there’s an opportunity with that client,” he said.

2. Increase employee productivity with tools

In the early years of ICS+, employees spent too much time digging in their inbox and had little time to focus on clients. Once their team used collaboration tools like Quip and Chatter and connected it to their CRM, they were able to capture details from email in one central place. Now, their team works fast to invoice and collect from clients and can accelerate the project management process efficiently and effectively.

“We can achieve the same results with less effort, fewer things slipping through the cracks, more timeliness, and overall better service and connection with our clients,” says Bernard.

3. Centralize the view of the customer

To Stephanie, having a 360-degree view of every client keeps their team on the same page and helps them provide the best experience for customers. “By having our sales and service all integrated on the Salesforce platform, we get that one, cohesive centralized view of every single engagement that we have,” Stephanie said.

Want to learn more about how ICS+ is able to focus on every single one of their customers? Read the full story and watch them share it below.

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