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What’s the Fast Track To Perfect Digital Experiences?

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With Experience Cloud, you can connect digital experiences with data from your CRM across the entire customer journey. [Irina_Strelnikova / Getty Images]

We built Experience Cloud to connect your websites, portals, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints. These two customer stories show its powerful potential to build loyalty, accelerate any process, crunch data quickly, and give customers what they want.

Experience Cloud is Salesforce’s digital experience platform that can quickly build websites, portals, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints to engage with customers — and digitize business processes at lightning speed. And several organizations, including Xcel Energy and Mascoma Bank, use it to streamline systems, align teams, accelerate digital adoption (as much as 70%), and crush a year’s worth of data in a single quarter. In some cases, entirely new digital properties were created in under two weeks. We’ve created the technology to power the entire customer journey with the data from your customer relationship management system (CRM). And these are just a few of our customers’ successes to demonstrate what Experience Cloud can do for you.

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What are Experience Cloud digital experiences?

Digital experiences are imperative for businesses to survive, and customers expect to easily and intuitively interact with companies online. The digital experience a company provides helps customers engage and take action. We listened to our partners and developed Experience Cloud to help them create secure websites, portals, and apps with connected data at every point in the customer journey.

What’s helpful in the leap toward digital transformation – and doing it right? Our customers tell us there are three requirements:

  1. Get your experiences to market fast. And then update them faster to adapt to changing business and market trends.
  2. Create personalized and actionable customer interactions. This is only possible when connected to CRM data and business processes that help customers take action.
  3. Make consistent touchpoints across the multichannel customer journey. The moment a customer feels like they’ve left your ecosystem, they are highly unlikely to come back.

These requirements are what drove the Experience Cloud mission and roadmap. And our customers build a variety of digital experiences that are both mission-critical and built in record time.

Case studies: Examples of Experience Cloud in action

Experience Cloud customers launch fast, connect every experience to data, and tie everything together across a seamless customer journey. Here are a few examples of companies using it for success.

Xcel Energy: Create a seamless journey to retain loyal customers

Xcel Energy, a U.S.-based utilities company that serves more than 3.3 million electric customers and 1.8 million natural gas customers, needed a seamless way to manage all of its digital properties, including website, microsites, partner sites, and mobile applications. Xcel needed a single digital experience platform from the front end to the backend agent experience.

Since implementing Experience Cloud, these improvements helped Xcel see over 70% digital adoption within their service application experience, and a 14 point increase in customer satisfaction.

Prior to implementing Salesforce, Xcel’s various digital properties were built on separate systems. It was a jumble of disconnected products requiring different skill sets and partner teams to maintain and update. 

And the system was inefficient. Between native mobile applications, unauthenticated web CMS platforms, and homegrown systems, Xcel needed to repeat small updates three or more times to maintain consistency across all channels. This took time and resources, which delayed them from getting to market quickly.

They also wanted a solution with configurable, out-of-the-box experiences, rather than expending resources for something completely custom. 

And alignment was critical. They needed every experience connected so they could have a single view of their customer.

With Salesforce they developed multiple connected experiences – from their website, to portals, to warranty registration sites. Their new sites, built on Experience Cloud, include a customer support site connected to Service Cloud, a building and remodeling site for B2B distributors, and a site for consumers to enroll products and purchase warranties. All were with self-service tools that significantly reduce the load on service agents and sales representatives.

Since implementing Experience Cloud, these improvements helped Xcel see over 70% digital adoption within their service application experience, and a 14 point increase in customer satisfaction.

Mascoma Bank: Build it fast – or your competition will

Speed of execution drove Mascoma Bank’s mission-critical task of disbursing COVID-19 financial relief to small businesses through the PPP small business loan program.

At a moment of crisis, Experience Cloud helped Mascoma Bank to process more than 1,000 loan applications, normally a year’s worth of loans; and support 12,500 local jobs through $120 million in funds in the first round of PPP.

In just 13 days, Mascoma partnered with our systems integration partner nCino to get this vital service up and running quickly. Mascoma used their packaged loan application solution – built on Experience Cloud – to create a connected and simple digital application. This powerful portal allowed them to streamline application intake forms, feed leads through Financial Services Cloud for review, and upload applications to the centralized federal processing system.

At a moment of crisis, Experience Cloud helped Mascoma Bank to:

  • Process more than 1,000 loan applications; normally a year’s worth of loans. 
  • Support 12,500 local jobs through $120 million in funds in the first round of PPP. More loans followed with the government’s second round of funding.

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Khushwant Singn of Salesforce
Khushwant Singh SVP Product Management

Khushwant Singh is a senior vice president in product management. He and his team are responsible for all experience services that Salesforce customers and developers use to create digital experiences, including websites, portals, and mobile apps.

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