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Cytiva supports critical life sciences projects by delivering the right products at the right time

Demand for pharmaceutical products and services has soared as the world races to develop more tests, therapies, and vaccines to combat COVID-19. As a major player in the life sciences sector, Cytiva is at the heart of this global effort.

“Our sense of purpose has never been greater,” said Amanda Halford, Cytiva’s Vice President for Commercial in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Services. “The speed and scale of the industry’s response to the pandemic has been amazing. It normally takes around 10 years to bring a new pharmaceutical product to market; our customers are trying to make it happen in 18 months.”

With its pharmaceutical customers working harder and faster than ever before, Cytiva has to ensure it can keep pace with demand. “We need to be able to forecast and fulfil customer orders across 40 countries,” said Halford. “With Salesforce, we can make sure the right products are available at the right time. It helps us respond more rapidly and effectively to the velocity and volume of demand from our customers.”


With Salesforce, we can better support our customers as they strive to advance the development of life-changing therapies.”

Amanda Halford | Vice President for Commercial in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Services, Cytiva 

Cytiva shapes the future of life sciences

Supporting the development of life-changing therapies is nothing new for Cytiva; it has a 60-year heritage in the biopharmaceutical supply industry. “We are dedicated to improving access to life-changing therapies that transform human health,” said Halford. “With Salesforce, we can make a bigger contribution to the future of life sciences by increasing our efficiency and agility.”

More than 90% of the world’s top-selling biologicals are currently manufactured using Cytiva’s products, which range from individual microscopes to entire laboratory suites.

The company rebranded as Cytiva in early 2020 following its acquisition by new parent company, Danaher. “It was a great opportunity for us to reset our use of Salesforce and provide a richer experience to our users,” said Soheil Golestani, Director of Programme Management at Cytiva.

Faster and smarter processes boost employee satisfaction

The reset, which involved migrating to the Lightning Experience and adding a host of extra features, has been a massive success. Customer quotes can be approved more rapidly. Account plans can be updated more easily. Forecasts can be generated more accurately. And customer queries can be answered more effectively. 

Thanks to these and other improvements, the internal Net Promoter Score used to rate the effectiveness of the platform by sales teams has increased by 16% among experienced users. “With Salesforce, we can boost operational excellence by unifying our global teams and processes,” said Silke Fetzer, General Manager for Global Commercial Excellence at Cytiva. “Our people want to use the platform because they know it makes them more effective.” 

Richer insights drive greater competitive advantage

From procurement specialists and marketing professionals to field service engineers and support scientists, Salesforce currently supports around half of Cytiva’s 7,000+ associates.  As well as the core platform, Cytiva has deployed a number of solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange to further optimise sales, service, and procurement workflows. 

Integrated with Cytiva’s enterprise resource planning system and website, the data captured in Salesforce is critical to driving operational excellence and future growth. “With Salesforce, we can tap into new insights and opportunities that increase our competitive advantage. It’s become much more than a CRM platform,” added Halford.

Digital account plans inspire stronger collaboration

Transforming its approach to account planning was a key step to unlocking greater visibility and value. “To build customer loyalty, you can’t rely on just one person’s relationship or knowledge,” said Fetzer. “With Salesforce Anywhere, we can involve a wider community in account planning, which helps us better understand and meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

Since deploying Salesforce Anywhere, Cytiva has tripled the number of account plans that benefit from real-time collaboration. “Our account plans have become living documents instead of just being reviewed quarterly and annually,” said Henry Wellbelove, Senior Global Project Leader at Cytiva. “Account teams are alerted in real time about any updates, such as a new opportunity or service request, which means they can have more relevant customer conversations.” 

Keeping pace with demand during pandemic

Progressing new opportunities and orders as quickly as possible was key during the COVID-19 pandemic when customer demand spiked. To better manage its global pipeline, Cytiva created a new dedicated dashboard in Sales Cloud.

Implemented in a matter of weeks, the dashboard enables Cytiva’s leaders to track opportunities by customer, country, and product and share this information with colleagues in finance and manufacturing. “With Sales Cloud, we can see what’s coming and make better decisions in a shorter timeframe,” added Halford.

Cytiva reduces time to generate quotes by 70%

Cytiva has also accelerated the quotation process for customers. With a growing focus on selling holistic solutions rather than individual products, some quotes can include as many as 80 line items.

With Salesforce CPQ, Cytiva has been able to improve the accuracy and profitability of customer quotes, which has simplified approvals. As a result, it has reduced the time taken to process a quote by an average of 70%. 

Portal enriches customer experience and collaboration

Customers can track orders via a portal built on Experience Cloud. Integrated with the Cytiva website, the portal supports the personalisation of customer service on a massive scale.

Customers can also raise and collaborate on cases, and will eventually be able to check maintenance schedules, book field engineer visits, and view performance metrics for their Cytiva equipment. “With Experience Cloud, we can empower our customers to self-serve and provide them with a more relevant and consistent experience,” said Golestani.

Answering support queries faster with 360-degree visibility

Customer service and support is a big focus for Cytiva. It has more than 250 agents around the world as well as 500 field engineers and 30+ support scientists who respond to thousands of requests and queries a year.

Customer cases are tracked centrally in Service Cloud, which simplifies collaboration with other functions, such as supply chain and research and development. “With Service Cloud, we can unify how we capture interactions across different customer support channels,” said Golestani. “We want to provide our agents with 360-degree visibility, so they can respond to customer queries as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Cytiva reinvents field services during pandemic

Providing agents with access to installation and maintenance data captured by field engineers will be key to achieving this goal. Cytiva manages around 30,000 instruments for its customers and carries out approximately 60,000 service visits per year. 

Social distancing measures and local lockdowns meant that Cytiva had to take a radically different approach to servicing equipment at customer sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, it used video conferencing and collaboration technologies to run acceptance tests and guide customers through repairs remotely.

Cytiva seizes the AI advantage

Cytiva is no stranger to pioneering the use of new technology; it has also harnessed AI and the Internet of Things to improve the performance and maintenance of its products. IoT data will eventually be pulled into Salesforce to enable service and sales teams to have even richer customer conversations.

Cytiva plans to extend its adoption of AI by using Einstein and Tableau CRM to unlock predictive insights for its sales teams. It has already conducted a pilot that enabled it to forecast when customers would need to order consumables for certain products. “With Salesforce, we can extract greater value from our data,” said Halford. “It helps us identify current trends and shape future strategies.”

Advancing the development of life-changing therapies

Making greater use of AI is just one of the trailblazing initiatives on the horizon at Cytiva. It’s also looking at optimising customer service with Einstein chatbots and simplifying product development with Salesforce Anywhere. “We release enhancements every three weeks,” revealed Golestani. “With Salesforce, we can react more rapidly to the changing needs of our customers and colleagues.”

This agility will be key as Cytiva continues to support the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries’ responses to COVID-19 and other health priorities. “Our tools and services bring greater capacity and efficiency to research and manufacturing workflows,” said Halford. “With Salesforce, we can better support our customers as they strive to advance the development of life-changing therapies.”


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