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e-Comas gives customers more personalised experience from A-Z with Salesforce

Think selling on Amazon is easy? Think again. As consumers, it’s easy to confuse an easy shopping experience with a shortcut to success, but for retailers trying to navigate the online marketplace, there’s a lot more to selling than meets the eye.

In 2013, ecommerce expert Jérôme de Guigné founded e-Comas to help make online selling simple, with training, consultancy, and digital services for customers to tailor their path to success from A to Z. And with Salesforce, the company can give a premium service to its high-end customer base.

“Our vision to be the most customer-centric agency in Europe. With Salesforce, we can build stronger relationships with customers and give them more value from the partnership,” explained Jérôme.

Plotting a more strategic approach to success

e-Comas has a small international team who are skilled in providing multilingual services to customers. To help brands grow their ecommerce footprint, the company offers sales and branding support from operations to supply chain, and services such as upskilling staff and creating great content to boost engagement rates.

“A lot of sales managers don’t have experience of managing the supply chain, finance, or marketing side of selling,” said Jérôme. “We invite customers to an initial workshop to get to know their business and help them identify a strategic approach to success. Around 95% of people misunderstand what it takes to succeed on platforms like Amazon.”

And, with customer satisfaction ratings above 4/5 across all regions, e-Comas clearly has what it takes to succeed. But to take business growth to the next level, he decided to define its own strategy for success and partnered with Salesforce to establish best practice processes to get closer to customers and streamline operations.

Aligning business and IT goals with strong partnerships

For Jérôme de Guigné, a self-confessed rule breaker, standardising processes doesn’t come naturally, but he put his faith in the Salesforce team to bring his vision to life. “Salesforce demonstrated a real understanding of our business, and partnering with the world’s #1 CRM company gives us greater credibility as a serious player in the market,” he commented.

e-Comas worked with implementation partner, Novera, to integrate and customise a platform comprised of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot, and although early in its Salesforce journey, it’s already seen a shift in culture that will help propel the business to the next level.

“To be the best we need to think differently and align our IT processes to our business goals,” added Jérôme. “Salesforce is helping to drive that change by forcing me out of my comfort zone. I’m a people person, so sitting down and mapping our processes to create the perfect customer experience has been an interesting opportunity for me.”

Account management plays an important role in building strong customer relationships at e-Comas. To streamline the customer experience from day one, new leads are funnelled into Sales Cloud to create a central repository of customer data and clear processes for efficiently onboarding new customers.

Via an integration with HelloSign, customers can digitally sign contracts quickly and easily. These are then stored in Salesforce alongside the full customer history, including their individual payment terms, proposals, and email communications. Novera built a custom integration to download sales data from platforms such as Amazon and unlock richer insights to help the team devise the best strategy for customers. The company’s accounting platform is also integrated with Salesforce to simplify matching payments to customer records.

“We have a small sales team at the moment, but having a single source of the truth will help us scale up efficiently and continue to give customers a consistent, high-quality experience with us,” added Jérôme.

Salesforce demonstrated a real understanding of our business, and partnering with the world’s #1 CRM company gives us greater credibility as a serious player in the market.”

- Jérôme de Guigné, Founder, e-Comas

Adapting solutions to meet the unique needs of the business

True to form, e-Comas is blazing its own trail with Service Cloud and uses the cases feature to centralise partner information and details on VAT services and logistics, while customers prefer to engage with the service team using WhatsApp or Slack.

“We’re integrating lots of different data sources with Salesforce to unlock 360-degree visibility of the customer, but we still want to provide a really personalised service, which means taking those insights and talking to customers on their preferred channels,” explained Jérôme.

To keep customers informed about the latest training webinars, e-Comas uses Pardot to send invitations and follow-up documents to customers. “Pardot is a powerful tool, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of its capabilities at the moment,” revealed Jérôme. “We’re getting more confident and starting to look at lead scoring so we can have the right conversations with the right people at the right time to win more business.”

Retail is a rapidly evolving industry, and having a flexible platform that will allow it to continuously adapt and innovate gives e-Comas a huge competitive advantage. “The Salesforce team has been really supportive throughout our journey.

We’re currently improving the platform every few months to make sure we’re always meeting customers’ needs and can continue to develop new services according to the latest challenges in the market,” explained Jérôme. “People are our strongest asset. With Salesforce we can listen to what our customers need and scale our expertise accordingly.”


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