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REIREI nurtures new growth with Salesforce

Who knows baby products better than parents themselves? At REIREI, husband and wife team Anders and Monica Landberg are helping baby retailers to stock the best products for new parents across Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

The company has been growing steadily, but as sales pick up again after the pandemic, it’s matured to become more structured, efficient, and data driven, and it’s ready for a growth spurt.

“Our goal is to more than double over the next few years, and Salesforce is fuelling that growth and helping us to offer more value to customers,” said Anders Landberg, Co-owner at REIREI.


Taking the baby market by storm

In 2011, Monica was inspired by the cradle they rocked their first child in during a trip to Thailand. She developed a similar product for the Nordic market, and REIREI was born. Today, the company distributes baby products to retailers from 12 leading brands. It’s also exploring B2C ecommerce opportunities, with plans to expand into new markets such as groceries.

The company partnered with Salesforce in 2019 to streamline sales, services, and marketing, and supercharge growth.

“We realized that 80% of our sales came from 20% of our customers, but we invested the same amount of time and effort on every customer and our infrastructure was built around this approach,” explained Anders. “The vast majority are happy with a no-touch engagement, but we needed to identify which customers had the biggest growth opportunities so we could nurture those relationships.”

The solution? A personalised next-generation ecommerce platform to streamline the buying experience and free up sales reps to have better conversations with the right customers.

A personalised shopping platform for customers

Working with implementation partner CloudRoute, REIREI customised B2B Commerce Cloud and integrated it with its existing Salesforce ecosystem and warehouse.

When customers log into the platform, they have their own personalized webshop featuring only the brands they stock in their boutiques. Listings feature the range of colours for each item, information about what’s in stock, and when new stock is expected if an item is sold out.

An artificial intelligence engine displays tailored product recommendations for each customer based on their order history, and when the Lightning Experience goes live in February 2022, the checkout will be as slick and easy for the customer to manage themselves as a one-click B2C buying experience.

“Previously, it was difficult to process orders if an item was currently out of stock. We’d need to go in manually and change the order,” explained Anders. “Now, customers can simply move those items onto a separate order to be filled when the new inventory arrives.”

With more than 6,000 orders a year, this frees up the team to focus on building stronger relationships with key accounts to fuel company growth.

“B2B Commerce Cloud makes it really easy to optimize the website for mobile, as well as the local language and currency for each customer,” added Anders. “Most of our customers self-serve to place orders and only engage with us when they read our monthly newsletters, which are managed in Pardot.”

Faster onboarding with automated workflows

Salesforce also makes onboarding new customers fast and simple. In 2019, REIREI’s road running sales team physically visited prospects at their boutiques and made pitches in person. 

When a lead converted, it would take a long time to onboard. Lengthy credit checks meant this could take up to a couple of weeks, compared to just a few minutes via an automated workflow in Salesforce.

Today, the sales team has grown to 20 full time employees, and following a successful pivot during the pandemic, they now engage digitally. But thanks to Salesforce, reps can still have great conversations with prospects and customers. 

“Salesforce is our single source of truth. By aligning sales and marketing, we can use real insights to create the perfect pitch for each customer at scale,” revealed Anders. “We want to become a more strategic partner for our customers, instead of just another vendor.”

To grow business with existing customers, the team uses Salesforce Anywhere to import and analyse data to become more predictive about their needs and create bespoke offers. But it’s not just the sales team becoming more data driven, with product, pricing, inventory, purchasing, and sales data all captured on a central platform, the finance and customer service teams are getting smarter too.

Simplifying support across 12 brands

REIREI doesn’t just sell to retailers, it connects parents to brands via its customer service team if they have an issue or question relating to a product. Larger retailers can access support directly in Experience Cloud, and smaller boutiques can call or email the support team to open a ticket on behalf of the consumer.

With Service Cloud, two agents handle up to 600 cases per month. The system is set up with knowledge articles for each of the 12 brands so agents can answer questions quickly or escalate the case if required. 

“Another great thing about B2B Commerce Cloud is that we don’t really get support queries looking for updates on orders. The platform gives customers full visibility of order status, so the support team is completely dedicated to helping them educate consumers on how to get the best from their products,” said Anders.

Growing stronger together

As REIREI grows and expands its business, Salesforce is evolving too, and the company is planning to deploy B2C Commerce Cloud to further educate consumers about the products on the market.

“Consumers will be able to buy directly from us or from one of our B2B retailers. We’re not aiming to compete with them on price, but to build brand awareness for customers using our wider reach,” confirmed Anders.

The company is also continuing to explore Pardot to send smarter campaigns. The email marketing solution is currently used to update customers on product launches, previews, and webinars, and the team uses AB testing to ensure messaging is engaging and effective. 

“With Salesforce, we can break down the barriers to innovation. Three years ago, it would’ve blown my mind to know where our business would be today,” said Anders. “I don’t have a techy background, but with CloudRoute and Salesforce, we have achieved amazing things, and I’m really excited to be a part of the Salesforce universe.”


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