UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2022


Our Commitment To Equality For All

Salesforce is committed to Equality for All - which means working together to create a world where everyone has equal rights, equal pay for equal work, equal access to education, and equal opportunities for success. As part of this commitment, Salesforce has published its 2021 UK Gender Pay Gap report, based on the criteria established by the UK government.

The findings of Salesforce's 2021 UK Gender Pay Gap report, which measures the average difference in pay between men and women, show that we have made progress to increase women in leadership roles and continue to reduce the pay gap in hourly pay and gap in bonuses. There is more to be done and we continue to invest in initiatives to help, which include:

  • Our High Potential Leadership Programme which aims to identify the future leaders of our business and provide them with additional mentoring and coaching to grow their careers. This programme led to an increase in the number of women promoted into leadership positions in the UK last year.
  • Successful launch of a Returnships Programme which puts in place a framework and support system for those returning after an extended career break to enhance career development and upskilling.
  • Engaging leadership to lead with equality through diversity dashboards, unconscious bias training and inclusive leadership principles.
  • A re-imagined hiring model with inclusive hiring processes, inclusive job descriptions, a consistent interview feedback tool and training for all roles to eliminate bias in the hiring process.
  • Building a pipeline of diverse talent coming into the industry through investment and support of STEM education and workforce development programmes such as School 21, Ada and Salesforce Supermums.
  • Salesforce continues to work with industry organisations as a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter which aims to deliver greater diversity in the UK tech workforce.

Our commitment to ensure equal pay for equal work at Salesforce includes annual global equal pay assessments, resulting in the company spending $22 million since 2015 to address any unexplained differences in pay between men and women. And we continue to monitor and review employee compensation on an ongoing basis. You can read more about our efforts on equal pay here.

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Zahra Bahrololoumi, Executive Vice President and CEO of Salesforce UK and Ireland

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