With Salesforce, we can help more employers and employees prepare for the future of work and workspaces.”

Mike Pilcher | Chief Sales Officer at Condeco
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Condeco brings smarter workspaces to more people with Salesforce

For some people, working from home is about flexibility. For others, it’s about productivity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a necessity for millions of people. In the space of a couple of weeks, the number of employees working from home in the UK increased to 43% compared with just 6% prior to the lockdown of spring 2020. And this shift in working practices is set to stay: nine out of ten employees who worked at home during lockdown want to continue doing so in some capacity. (1)

As a result, organisations need to reimagine how they manage and configure their workspaces. “COVID-19 accelerated the shift to remote and home working, with many organisations now looking at reducing their office capacity by up to 30%,” said Mike Pilcher, Chief Sales Officer at Condeco. “With Salesforce, we can help more employers and employees prepare for the future of work and workspaces.”

And it’s a very different future, where everything from desks and screens to parking spaces and meeting rooms will need to be booked in advance. “Our software helps people access the right resources at the right time so they can maximise their productivity in the workspace,” commented Pilcher.

Transforming the way people work.

Condeco, which means ‘to meet’ in Latin, has been at the forefront of workspace management and resource scheduling for more than 15 years. Its award-winning software is used by 1,500-plus organisations and 6.5 million employees around the world. “Every day, we empower millions of people with the tools they need to work more effectively,” said Lynda Lowe, Chief Marketing Officer at Condeco. “We help people get more out of their day and more out of each other.”

Condeco reinvests 30% of its revenue into research and development to help pioneer smarter ways of working. In 2020, it faced the R&D challenge of a lifetime: how to adapt its software to enable people to work safely and productively during the COVID-19 pandemic. And that meant introducing new features for managing desk sanitisation, workspace density, and contract tracing. The new capabilities have been a massive success with sales increasing by 103% in a matter of weeks.

Delivering a better customer experience with 360-degree visibility.

Every new deal is logged and progressed in Salesforce. “It’s our customer collaboration platform,” explained Pilcher. “From marketing and sales to professional services and finance, it gives us a 360-degree view of the customer journey and helps us deliver a better experience.”

Achieving this visibility was a key driver behind Condeco’s implementation of Sales Cloud in 2018. “There used to be a big gap between marketing campaigns and the end of the sales funnel; we had to manually check that leads were flowing through the pipeline,” explained Lowe. “With Sales Cloud, we can follow every lead through to a loss or a win and never miss a beat. It maps to our processes perfectly.”

Making faster and smarter forecasting a reality.

Integrations with other systems, including NetSuite, for core processes such as contract management, finance, and marketing automation support this end-to-end visibility and enable Condeco to unlock richer customer and operational insights. For example, Condeco can now track conversion rates, average discounts, and product performance, and generate custom reports in 10 minutes instead of a week.

With everyone in the company tapping into the insights generated by Salesforce, Condeco needs to ensure the data being captured is accurate. “We did a lot of data cleansing before we went live and made sure the sales teams understood the benefits of Salesforce not just for the business as a whole but for them as individuals,” commented Lowe.

The focus on data quality has paid off. Condeco’s forecast accuracy rate for sales is now 95%; according to industry research, only 20% of organisations achieve a rate accuracy of 75% or greater. “It used to take several hours to get a consolidated forecast from all the sales reps,” explained Pilcher. “It’s now available in Sales Cloud with a single click - and it’s always up to date.”

Automated workflows accelerate customer onboarding.

By logging all sales interactions centrally, Pilcher can track performance and tasks at a granular level, which helps to ensure new opportunities are progressed quickly. Since deploying Salesforce, the time spent processing customer orders has reduced by nearly a third while the volume of qualified leads shared with the sales teams has increased by 13%, with new leads being synchronised every couple of minutes instead of every hour.

To simplify the creation of quotes, order forms, and invoices, Condeco uses Salesforce CPQ. “It’s embedded in our sales process and helps to ensure a consistent workflow when finalising deals,” said Pilcher. Since deploying Salesforce CPQ, the use of standard quote templates has increased from 39% to 100%.

To prevent approvals from holding up these workflows, Condeco uses Chatter and the Salesforce Mobile App. “It could take days to get a customer quote approved; now it’s done in minutes,” he added.

Condeco can also onboard customers faster by using Sales Cloud to trigger tasks and workflows with its professional services teams once a deal has been closed. And if a workflow in Sales Cloud needs to be adapted, then changes can be implemented in just a couple of days. “Since I joined the company in 2019, we’ve transformed the entire sales process - with zero disruption to the business,” commented Pilcher. “With Salesforce, we can keep evolving how we work to ensure we achieve the best outcomes.”

Richer insights boost marketing ROI.

The ability to adapt quickly was key during the COVID-19 pandemic when Condeco had to rethink not only its software but also its marketing strategy. To make sure its messages were hitting home with prospects, the marketing team developed a new Sales Cloud dashboard to track the number of leads being generated by COVID-19 campaigns on a daily basis.

This, however, is just the tip of the marketing intelligence iceberg for Condeco. By integrating Sales Cloud with its marketing automation tool, Condeco can see which web pages, promotions, partners, and virtual events have generated leads - and revenue. “With Salesforce, we can access the insights we need to optimise our marketing activities and return on investment,” said Lowe. “We can predict a prospect’s propensity to buy and share content that matches different stages in their buying journey.”

The sales teams can see how prospects have engaged with different pieces of marketing content, which means they can have more informed conversations and increase conversions. They can also access prospect information via an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Condeco empowers people to achieve more.

As more features and integrations come online, Condeco can use Trailhead to help its teams understand - and maximise - the potential of the Salesforce platform. Condeco is already looking at how it can extend its use of Salesforce to other teams and processes and support even greater automation.

“We want workspaces to be an asset for employers and employees,” said Pilcher. “With Salesforce, we can create productive and collaborative workspaces where everyone is empowered to achieve more.”



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