With Salesforce, we can enable creatives and technologists to wow the crowd at every show and make it easier for our customers to do business with us.”

— Christian Vaughan, CMO, Disguise
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Revenue Growth in Q1 2019 vs Q1 2018


Disguise puts customers in the spotlight with Salesforce

From live broadcasts to sell-out tours, the biggest names in entertainment are combining richer sounds with stunning visuals to thrill audiences all the way to the back row. And disguise is at the centre of the action. The Trailblazer combines innovative technology with seamless workflows to turn performances into showstoppers.

“Failure is not an option in our industry – we are committed to bring our customers’ visions to life,” said disguise’s CMO Christian Vaughan. “With Salesforce, we can enable creatives and technologists to wow the crowd at every show and make it easier for our customers to do business with us.”

disguise gears up for growth with Salesforce

The team behind disguise began creating shows for global superstars, such as Massive Attack and U2. When they couldn’t find a media platform to match their performance ambitions, they decided to develop their own. And a new trailblazing solution was born.

Today, disguise works with the world’s biggest stars to bring complex visual performances to life. With operations in EMEA, the US and China, the disguise team is gearing up for the next growth surge. “By 2021, we want to have a presence in 100 countries and be generating double the revenue,” confirmed Vaughan.

A centralised platform maximises scalability and visibility.

To achieve its growth goals, disguise needs to boost its revenues by 97% and expand its reach to another 60 countries. “With Salesforce, we can put growth in the spotlight. We can scale our processes quickly and easily without compromising service quality,” said Vaughan. “It sharpens how our people work and collaborate.”

disguise uses Salesforce to bring together sales, services, and marketing. This centralised approach provides a deeper understanding of customer needs and supports a more strategic, data-driven approach to continuous improvement.

Smarter sales intelligence boosts productivity.

Sales opportunities, hardware assets, and revenue are all tracked in Sales Cloud, Automated tasks and insights powered by Tableau CRM help the sales team to prioritise their workload and focus on the hottest leads, which has contributed to a 21% increase in productivity. Salesforce Inbox has also freed up time by eliminating the need for manual data entry when writing emails.

To ensure customer communications and content are as personalised as possible, disguise uses a combination of Salesforce Engage and Pardot. “With Salesforce, we can have the right conversations at the right time, which helps to secure new and repeat business,” explained Vaughan. “For example, if a customer is browsing a particular product on the website, the sales team can reach out to try to close the deal.”

Bringing the wow factor to customer service.

disguise also takes a proactive approach to customer service. “We survey both our customers and agents to get a full picture of the experience. It helps pinpoint where we need to make improvements,” said Vaughan. disguise already has a great reputation for customer service with a Net Promoter Score of 9.3.

Customer service agents use Service Cloud to triage and track 264 cases per month. Full visibility of a customer’s account, case history, and orders help to ensure queries are resolved quickly and efficiently. “Since deploying Service Cloud, we’ve seen a significant reduction in the time spent managing a customer case,” explained Vaughan.  “There are also fewer dropped cases.”

Although most customers contact disguise by phone or email, offering omnichannel customer service is a key priority. “By leveraging the insights captured in Salesforce, we can identify which channels customers want to engage on and provide a more relevant and joined-up experience,” commented Vaughan.

New insights drive sharper innovation and smarter decisions.

Empowering customers and partners to self-serve will be key as disguise expands into new markets. It’s already launched a reseller community built on Community Cloud, which provides partners with access to sales tools, support cases, and campaign data. It also wants to use chatbots to provide customers with faster answers to simple queries.

“With Salesforce, we can keep optimising our processes and enriching the customer experience,” said Vaughan. “It provides a powerful platform to support innovation and automation.”

With sales, services, and marketing all powered by Salesforce, disguise can unlock richer insights across its business – from the sales pipeline to service performance. As it captures more and more data, Tableau CRM will help disguise’s leaders make smarter business decisions. “With Salesforce, we’re more efficient, we’re more effective, and we’re more innovative. And that’s how we drive progress at disguise,” said Vaughan.

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